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Is the upcoming Royal Enfield 500X inspired from existing custom bikes?

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500X images have leaked over the internet. To be launched in January 2018, this upcoming Thunderbird has created a huge buzz in the motorcycle community. At the same time, there are some owners of the Royal Enfield motorcycle, who have shared images of their own custom bikes, which look pretty much like the upcoming Thunderbird 500X.

Some owners even claiming that the RE is inspired from their bikes, as they had showcased the bikes at Rider Mania, where these bikes got huge response from the RE owners. The image above is of a customer RE, while the image below is of the upcoming RE TB 500X.

The images of 500X reveal that it will feature a new handlebar, alloys, tubeless tyres, matte black treatment and funky new colours. Similar is the case with some owners, who already have done such treatment to their bike. Below are some photos of custom bikes, which look similar to the upcoming RE Thunderbird 500X.

One such owner is Vinod Kumar of Bangalore based Vee Kay Kustoms. Speaking about his bike, VK says, I bought this RE 500 Classic (its not a TB) in 2014 June and it was a second hand vehicle of 2012 Jan model, which ran around 27 Kms on odo. It was in stock condition when I bought it. Paid Rs 1.15 lakhs. Below is his bike.

I wasnt very happy about the riding comfort or the looks of the vehicle, so I thought of modifying it. Slowly and steadily started with the modification based on what I felt is right. Did all the work myself (of course, took it to a painter to paint the tank and welder to weld few stuff), but was not given to anyone to do any modification on their own. Its a 100% my idea that is implemented on my motorcycle. I used to visit USA and primarily bought stuff from there for the modifications. Some of the items are imported from China.

I named my vehicle as TGIC (stands for The Great Indian Circus :P)

The painting was done at my friend’s place (Sandesh, ReflectOn) and I showed him the bottle of MotoMax Liquid Polish kept there, asking to have a similar shade (for my custom bike). He suggested two shades similar to that and also said will add some glitters to the paint to make it look better. He did an awesome job and along with other modifications, this tank paint made it look very unique and people on the road (especially on the traffic signals) used to admire it and used to tell me that the motorcycle looks awesome.

I had spent a lot of time in modifying and maintaining the vehicle. Since I keep adding one or other new items every now and then, its difficult to put a time frame for the modifications. I don’t like it to remain the same for long. There are few major modifications in pipeline, which, I guess, will be able to do it in coming few months, if everything goes smooth as planned.

The bike is on sale for Rs 2.45 lakh.

I had much of trouble initially when I bought this vehicle, to get quality accessories for modifying the vehicles, I started getting it from US or talking to different vendors in China to get only high quality products. In the process of doing it, I used to buy couple of pieces extra to give it to my riding brothers, who are in search for quality products. That’s how I started VeeKay Kustoms to sell few accessories online. Later I named it as Chrome & More and you can access it at http://www.chromeandmore.com/. This is not a business, but just a passion. I kind of stopped selling accessories now as I am pretty tied up with work. I work as Sr. IT Manager at an MNC in Bangalore and the work keeps me pretty much busy.

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