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Royal Enfield 650 INT Gets A Scrambler Makeover – The Real Highness

Royal Enfield 650 Modified
Royal Enfield 650 Modified

This mod job has been presented in two different formats and colour schemes; more variations possible based on customer specifications

For customization projects, one of the preferred options is Royal Enfield motorcycles. Their simple architecture allows bike modifiers a free hand to experiment with various ideas and concepts. In a recent project, two Interceptor 650 motorcycles have been transformed into powerful-looking scramblers. The project has been executed by Delhi-based Neev Motors.

650 scrambler modification details

Much of the customization is common across both modified bikes. For a beefier look and feel and for improved traction, the bikes have been fitted with balloon tyres. A number of components have been blacked out such as headlamp, turn signals, engine assembly, wheels and exhaust. A custom-made leather seat has been used, which comes in a quilted pattern.

Front and rear fenders have been replaced with customized units. Tail section has been shortened and the grab rail has been removed. To ensure the bikes remain usable even in the rainy season, a custom built rear tyre hugger has been added. Another key change is the custom-made exhaust with sporty mesh-type insert.

The custom exhaust is a lightweight unit, around 12 kg lighter than the stock version. This will improve performance with a higher power to weight ratio. The exhaust has extra loud output, significantly higher than the stock unit. It is not sure if it would be street legal. In recent times, traffic police have been taking strict action against illegal modifications including loud exhausts.

Royal Enfield 650 Modified
Royal Enfield 650 Modified

Talking about individual aspects, one of these bikes gets a grey and black colour scheme. It has been aptly named as ‘falcon’. Changes that are specific to falcon include a tank plate and 3D elements on side panels. For a cleaner front section, the instrument pods have been moved to the right side.

Second bike utilizes a combination of red and black. It comes with classic leather bags on the sides and a leather pouch with straps mounted on the fuel tank. Colours on both bikes have been entirely repainted. That everything has come out in perfect finish highlights the superior skills of the modifier.

650 scrambler modification cost

In this modification project, around 50-60% of the bike’s parts and accessories have been modified. This is excluding core components like engine, chassis, suspension and braking, which have been retained in their original form. With a high level of customization and aftermarket components, cost of this project is minimum Rs 2 lakh for each bike. This is around 2/3rd of Interceptor 650 price, which starts at around Rs 3 lakh.

A good thing about this project is that much of the customization can be reversed if the user feels the need for it. This ensures that users don’t need to get stuck with something they no longer want. To get their own ideas implemented, enthusiasts can contact the bike modifier.

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