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Royal Enfield 650 Modified With Dustbin Fairing By indiMotard

Even though it may seem too heavy and slow, this monstrous custom Continental GT has already shared the podium at a racing event

Royal Enfield 650 Modified
Royal Enfield 650 Modified by indiMotard

Looks can be deceiving and a perfect example is this modified Continental GT 650 with dustbin fairing. This type of fairing was used several decades earlier for racing events. It was preferred, as it was believed to significantly reduce drag. However, due to the compromised balance and handling of such faired bikes, these were banned from racing in 1958.

Now, around 70 decades later, the dustbin fairing has been resurrected by Bengaluru-based Greasehouse Customs and indiMotard. The idea was to strike a balance between looks and performance, which has been achieved with this customization project.

The bike has received extensive changes including major performance upgrades. It has been nicknamed ‘Dunaali’, a double barrelled rifle long associated with power, influence and dominance in the Indian wild wild west.

Continental GT dustbin fairing design

Dustbin fairings are called so owing to their resemblance to a large sized dustbin. This custom dustbin fairing on Continental GT appears to be an evolved version that is far more refined and aesthetically pleasing in comparison to its predecessors. The rounded front section bears a closer resemblance to the nose of an aircraft, a sub and even a Japanese bullet train.

Royal Enfield 650 Modified
Royal Enfield 650 Modified by indiMotard

Much of the stock parts have been replaced with either custom built or aftermarket units. The bike utilizes a glossy finish all across. Several parts including the dustbin fairing and tank cover are made using carbon fibre. This not only looks great, but also helps reduce weight and add strength.

Mechanical updates

This customization project is not just a visual treat, but also involves major engine tweaks. While the stock Continental GT makes 47 hp of max power, this modified bike has been tuned to deliver 62.2 hp. Power delivery has been optimized for low revs as well.

The engine gets a long list of changes including larger injectors, modified cylinder heads and use of high compression pistons from S&S Cycle. The engine was tuned with Race Dynamics’ Piggyback ECU and FuelX Autotune systems.

As primary objective was to create the fastest Royal Enfield 650 drag motorcycle, a number of stock parts have been replaced with lighter units made from aluminium. It includes components like the machined clip-ons, swingarm, subframe and yokes with adjustable rake. The bike weighs 170 kg, which is significantly less than the 202 kg of stock Continental GT.

Other key customizations include velocity stacks, customized two-into-one exhaust, quick shifter, Rekluse clutch, new grips, RCB brake master cylinder and UMA Racing quick throttle. Front suspension has been lowered and stiffened whereas rear stock units have been replaced with preload-adjustable YSS units.

Customized Continental GT 650 has already proven its worth in terms of performance. In a recent drag race held in Bengaluru, the bike came third. It should be able to achieve even better results after further enhancements and fine tuning.


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