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Royal Enfield 650 Twins accessories list revealed – Seats, Mirrors, Engine guard, etc

Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor and Continental GT are the most exciting launches this year from the Chennai based bike maker. The two bikes are presented in three variants – Standard, Custom and Chrome. The are priced from Rs 2.34-2.7 lakhs, ex-sh. The two bikes are offered with a range of accessories allowing buyers to customize their bikes for better style and performance.

The single seater conversion – While Continental GT650 comes in with a twin seater setup, customers can opt for a single seater conversion kit. However, this is an accessory only offered on the GT 650 and will not be presented as an option on the Interceptor.

Touring seat – is again an optional accessory on the Continental GT 650 and is seen in a diamond stitched leather cover. This touring seat is especially comfortable for the rider over long distance tours

Bar-end mirrors – This accessory is offered only on the Royal Enfield Interceptor. It offers a look from the early 90s and the mirrors are positioned at the end of the handlebars offering better reflection and greater stability.

Touring mirrors – These mirrors have a short length due to which they do not vibrate and ensures better rear view when travelling at higher speeds across the highway.

Visor – This feature is offered on both the Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor and Continental GT as both get designed for long distance touring. Bikers are assured of minimum wind resistance on the highways and the visors can be fitted on the top of headlamps on both the models.

Touring handlebars – Another accessory exclusive to the Interceptor are touring handlebars. These handlebars are positioned high and offer the rider with a more relaxed riding position. They come in with a central column for better stability and lesser vibrations.

Bobbins Swingarm – On offer on both the 650 Twins, this Bobbins Swingarm allows the bike to stay in place when placed on a paddock.

Front reservoir cap – It is made of a machined alloy and takes the place of the front cylinder cap to offer a more vintage look to both the RE 650 Twins.

Engine guard – Royal Enfield is offering a compact engine guard that fits onto the swingarm that protects the engine from damage after a fall.

Fork Gaitor kit – This accessory fits onto the naked part of the form to offer a vintage look.

Engine sump guard – This sump guard ensures that the engine sump stays safe even when the engine is hit by big rocks.

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