Royal Enfield 750cc engine spied in a Continental GT

It is no news that Royal Enfield has been working on two new engine platforms for future motorcycle models. It is well known that one of them is a two-cylinder 750cc motor and other is a single-cylinder 410cc mill.

Royal Enfield 750cc engine spied COntinental GT
From the bulkiness and presence of two cylinders, this unbranded engine on a Royal Enfield Continental GT can be reckoned as the inline-twin 750cc engine.
Royal Enfield 750cc engine prototype is air-oil cooled and gets its intake from a pair of carburetors. Ignition is taken care of by single spark plug per cylinder. Nothing ground breaking or radically different can be observed here, and it does seem like the carburetors are playing an interim role for a fuel injection system. Max Power and peak torque figures of around 50 PS and 60 Nm respectively would be safe to expect out of this new 750cc power plant.

So the inference here is that the Royal Enfield 750cc engine would be a cost effective machine, which would make the bikes it will be driving quite affordable in the segment. It is unclear what kind of RE motorcycle is set to debut this engine, it possible that it will be the highly-expected brand-new adventure tourer.

The other, 410cc engine is believed to power an all-new scrambler model. All these are expected to launch next year.

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