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Royal Enfield alloys arrive at dealership – Not sold with bike, but as accessory

In what gives buyers a wider choice at customisation, and wearing the look they prefer, Royal Enfield has introduced alloy wheels as an accessory option for its Classic and Thunderbird motorcycle range.

Available in black with chrome finish, the 9-spoke alloy wheels are already on offer with RE Thunderbird X series. Available across brand dealerships, the design makes for seamless integration with an existing tyre set-up for those who opt for the option. As such, one needn’t worry about fitment with original tyres, tubes and brakes cause only the stock spoke wheels are replaced.

On offer for a price of 10k for a pair, installation charges will be levied over and above that. Introducing the option serves in good stead, cause while the spoke wheels have their own appeal, there are always those looking for alloys. And that leads to aftermarket accessories, and you don’t want to be this guy.

A decision to offer an alloy option will ensure those looking for such an alternative needn’t turn to unverified sources. Dodgy decisions regarding aftermarket offers and deals could jeopardise rider and bike safety in a very big way, as seen in the video below.

The 9-spoke alloys are compatible with Royal Enfield Classic 350 and 500, and Thunderbird 350 and 500. Installation takes less than two hours, and the option alloys come with a two-year warranty. The front wheel alloy measures in at 19-inch and rear at 18-inches.

While the strength of spoke rims in use is great, alloy options offer greater ease when it comes to puncture repairs. Royal Enfield will also introduce alloy wheels for its 650 Twins in a not too distant future.