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Royal Enfield Bobber 838cc debuts at the Bangkok Motor Show 2019

After showcasing their most advanced machine at the 2018 EICMA in Nov last year, Royal Enfield has now brought the KX Concept to Thailand, where it has made its debut at the 2019 Bangkok Motor Show. The motorcycle was unveiled by Vimal Sumbly, Head Business, APAC Region, Royal Enfield.

The debut comes a few days after Royal Enfield announced to set up a manufacturing and assembly plant in Thailand. After India, Thailand is the only country which will manufacture and assemble Royal Enfield motorcycles.

Just like most cruisers or bobber motorcycles in the market, Concept KX console also has a round shape. However, the similarities end there. The console on Concept KX carries the looks of a classy analogue unit, but it’s actually an all-digital display. Numbers, pointers, alphabets and everything else you see on the console is all-digital, even though it has the retro look of an analogue unit. This retro-modern fusion makes practical sense as well, since a lot more info can be displayed on the small-sized console.

KX’ all-digital console has color-coded tachometer (RPM) display across the top circumference while gear position and speedometer are displayed at the centre. On bottom left side, there’s a digital watch and at the right bottom, there’s a trip meter. Concept KX comes with smartphone connectivity, which is relevant and needed in this day and age. At the centre bottom area of the console, one can see connectivity options such as GPS, Bluetooth and hotspot. This will make it easier for the rider to keep track of various activities while riding.

To make things even better, Royal Enfield Bobber Concept KX might come with special switches on the left handlebar. These switches can be used to control most of the items displayed on the console. You might say ‘touchscreen’, but that won’t be feasible. Riding with one hand, while fiddling on the screen with the other, can have unwanted results. Switches on the handlebar make practical sense and that’s exactly what Concept KX might get. The retro-modern console is a remarkable innovation and it is possible that Royal Enfield may introduce it in its other products.

It will take around 2-5 years for Royal Enfield Concept KX to reach production stage. By that time, a lot many modifications can be done for practical purposes and rider convenience. Take a look at the latest photos of RE Bobber in the gallery below.

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