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Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Modified Into A 3 Wheeler – Total Cost Rs 3 Lakhs

Royal Enfield Modified 3 Wheeler
Royal Enfield Modified 3 Wheeler

While most Royal Enfield aftermarket modifications are tasteful in design, this one is very functional as well

Royal Enfield Bullet holds a special place in the hearts of Indian motorcyclists and it is by far the longest-running and one of the highest-selling motorcycles in India. The brand itself is known to build class-leading mid-segment retro motorcycles which are well-known for their touring capabilities.

Another space where Royal Enfield bikes are extremely popular is in the aftermarket industry as almost all its products offer a range of customisation options. However, the latest case of modified Bullet 350 is surely out of the box and is worth getting noticed. A senior citizen who is also a Royal Enfield aficionado has converted into a Trike, a three wheeler.

A video of the same has been uploaded on YouTube channel by NCR Bikerz which shows the bike in detail. The vlogger on his way to Delhi spots this customised Bullet and requests the owner to spend a few minutes on this side discussing the modifications on the motorcycle.

The unique looking three-wheeler Bullet is being used by an elderly couple. Entire design of the bike has been modified into a trike based upon a Bullet 350 ABS.

Royal Enfield Modified 3 Wheeler
The owner was on a road trip along with his wife on their modified Royal Enfield Bullet 3 wheeler

Modifications Incorporated

The owner had this bike specifically designed for his purpose and has been factory built. The bike has retained its stock headlamps, turn indicators, suspension setup, wire-spoked wheels and disc brakes. Finished in glossy silver, frame of the Bullet here has been heavily altered and redesigned to look like a trike.

This modified Bullet is a lot wider than the regular bike. Fuel-tank of the bike is now sitting at the right side of the rider instead of front which makes it more convenient for refuelling.

Additionally, the engine has been mounted on the right-hand side beneath the fuel tank. Since it is a trike, the rider does not have to put his legs around the fuel tank, instead he sits comfortably on a specially built seat on the left-hand side. The gear lever has also been repositioned. It can be shifted via the controls on switchgears on the handlebar instead of near the footpegs.

Price of modification

Since it is a trike, it rides on two wheels at rear which are connected to the engine on right side of the trike using the stock chain and sprocket setup. Pillion, in this case, the rider’s wife, is seated comfortably at the back facing the rear.

On being asked about the cost of building this modified Bullet, the gentleman replied that the entire bike set him back by almost Rs 3 lakh. He paid Rs 1.75 lakh on-road for the Bullet 350 ABS and had to shell out nearly Rs 1.25 lakh for the customisation job.

No changes have been made to its mechanical setup. It is still powered by a 346cc single-cylinder UCE engine which puts out 19.2 bhp and 28 Nm of peak torque and is paired to a 5-speed gearbox. Such modifications not only look unique but also prove to be utilitarian as well.

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