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Police confiscate Royal Enfield Bullet because it is too loud – Video

Jalgaon Police have confiscated a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle of one Dhananjay Patil. The reason, its exhaust sound was too loud. As per the cops, the sound of Mr Patil’s Bullet was heard around a radius of 5 kms. Yes. We are not joking. The cops did say this!

Dhananjay Patil is the son of a local Corporator. He has been riding this Royal Enfield bullet ever since it was gifted to him by his father. Because of the sound his Bullet made, he was very well known in the vicinity. After a few rounds of revving, his Bullet would release a loud crackling sound, which the locals says is louder than a ‘sutli bomb’.

A few days ago, local cops heard the sound of Patil’s Bullet when he was crossing a nearby Police station. Initially, the cops were under the impression that it was the sound of gun being fired. This made them alert. But when they realized it was a motorcycle exhaust, they were surprised.

Cops soon filed FIR against Dhananjay Patil, under section 119 (2) and 190 (2). They also confiscated his Royal Enfield Bullet and fined him INR 1,000. The said RE motorcycle will be under the custody of District Police Station till the time Dhananjay does not change the silencer of his motorcycle.

Dhananjay paid the fine, and also apologized for installing the after-market silencer. He replaced the silencer to the original one, and was allowed to take his Royal Enfield Bullet back home.

Watch the report below.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. Cops in many other Indian cities have been fining Royal Enfield riders as their motorcycles produce a loud noise. Are the cops right? Should loud exhausts be banned? Please leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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