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Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle worshipped as God: Has a temple and priest (Video)


The people of a village in Rajasthan, have set up a temple dedicated Royal Enfield 350 Bullet and it’s dead owner. They worship them just like gods. This unique temple is located on National Highway 65 at Pali in Rajashtan. The temple also has a priest, who has been taking care of both, the motorcycle and it’s owner, since the last two decades.

Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle is being worshipped in Rajasthan, also has a priest and temple (1)The story (as per IBTimes), is such that, back in the 80’s Om Singh Rathore (now known as Om Banna or Bullet Baba), the son of village head, bought a new motorcycle, a Bullet 350cc. He was in love with his motorcycle, and according to the villagers, this love was rather strange (yes, even stranger than the usual love/bond between RE and it’s owner).

On 2nd Dec 1988, Om Banna was returning to Pali on his motorcycle, when he skidded and rammed into a tree. Banna was killed on the spot. Local police recovered his body and took his Royal Enfield to a nearby police station for further investigation, as per norms.

Later next day, the motorcycle was nowhere to be found. According to the villagers, this same bike was found at the accident spot. The cops again got the motorcycle to the police station, and it again disappeared. Despite their numerous attempts to keep the bike at the station, the bike mysteriously made its way back to accident spot time and again. A chain around the bike and an empty fuel tank also did not keep the bike in the police station, once again making its way to the accident spot.

This resulted in the Royal Enfield motorcycle and it’s owner getting a supernatural status in the village. Today, people of the village, who are about to go on a long journey, visit this temple and take their blessings. We do not know how true this is, but if you are around Jodhpur, you can definitely pay a visit and find for yourself.

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Sagar Patel

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  • Nitin Rege

    Anything is possible in India. We indians worship people like Ass Aram, why not bullet which is a mans best companion

  • Vîšhå? Nãgâ Kumâwãt


  • Ripudaman Shekhawat

    They worship the man who use to ride that bullet

  • Aakash Soni

    very true..from Jodhpur so………. visited it thrice

  • Sangram Sundaray

    my dear peoples…. If you don’t know the story behind it and stop
    shitting out with your closed mindset of only appreciating facts from
    west but ridicules everything in your country ….