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Royal Enfield Classic 500, Bullet 500 with rear disc brakes, ABS launched

Royal Enfield has announced the launch of ABS equipped Classic 500 and Bullet 500 in the UK. Both these motorcycles now come with a rear disc and a dual channel ABS. As of now launched only in the UK, India launch is expected to take place later this year.

Price of the new Royal Enfield Bullet 500 with ABS starts from £3,999 (INR 3.28 lakh) while price of Classic 500 ABS (Chrome) starts from £4,899 (INR 4 lakh). Addition of rear disc and ABS has increased the price of respective RE models by approximately £700 (INR 57,000).

Speaking about India prices, the updated 2017 range is not yet on offer in the country. Though, a few weeks back RE had announced price hike to counteract the rising input costs. The prices were increased in the range of INR 1,235 to INR 3,652. The newly launched Himalayan receives the lowest price hike of INR 1,235. The Thunderbird 350 is INR 1,570 more expensive than before.

The Continental GT which has been struggling in sell in good numbers like its stablemates now gets dearer by INR 1,650 while the Thunderbird 500’s price tag gets inflated by INR 1,630. The Bullet 350 and Classic 350 receive price hike of INR 2,779 and INR 3,051 respectively.

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The Classic 500’s price is hiked by INR 3,516 while the special Classic Desert Storm and Classic Chrome get dearer by INR 3,552 and INR 3,652 respectively. The price hike is effective immediately and the aforementioned figures are ex-showroom Mumbai rates.

Royal Enfield is steadily approaching its goal of becoming the global leader in medium displacement motorcycle segment.

LocationChennai Delhi
Model DescriptionBasic PriceOn Road PriceBasic PriceOn Road Price
BULLET 350 UCE110916123228109393121929
BULLET ELECTRA 350 UCE125252138992123470137408
CLASSIC 350133292147833131369146093
THUNDERBIRD 350143813159401141706157460
BULLET 500 UCE159426176837157048174596
CLASSIC 500170098188582167534186136
CLASSIC UCE 500 DESERT STORM172921191688170307189189
CLASSIC UCE 500 (DELUXE)180810200371178058197718
THUNDERBIRD 500182296202007179519199325
CONTINENTAL GT201648223303198700220434
Location Gurgaon Hyderabad
Model DescriptionBasic PriceOn Road Price Basic PriceOn Road Price
BULLET 350 UCE111019120670110805124540
BULLET ELECTRA 350 UCE125174135946125116140420
CLASSIC 350133116144518133162149340
THUNDERBIRD 350143512155737143687161030
BULLET 500 UCE158937172649159300178610
CLASSIC 500180066195472169968190460
CLASSIC UCE 500 DESERT STORM169483184041172791193600
CLASSIC UCE 500 (DELUXE)172271187052180686202370
THUNDERBIRD 500181534197058182172204010
CONTINENTAL GT200822217890201694225700
Location  Kolkata Mumbai
Model DescriptionBasic PriceOn Road Price Basic PriceOn Road Price
BULLET 350 UCE113236128649114977134653
BULLET ELECTRA 350 UCE127698144856129757151581
CLASSIC 350135811153947138055161085
THUNDERBIRD 350146428165845148920173529
BULLET 500 UCE162178183773164991192651
CLASSIC 500172950195855176029205318
CLASSIC UCE 500 DESERT STORM175797199048178940208658
CLASSIC UCE 500 (DELUXE)183760207980187088218008
THUNDERBIRD 500185261209663188618219764
CONTINENTAL GT203153229732208762242879
Location   Pune Bangalore
Model DescriptionBasic PriceOn Road Price Basic PriceOn Road Price
BULLET 350 UCE109531123674111220129668
BULLET ELECTRA 350 UCE123606139432125551146189
CLASSIC 350131505148276133589155456
THUNDERBIRD 350141852159861144111167585
BULLET 500 UCE157194177304159724185852
CLASSIC 500167674189047170397198166
CLASSIC UCE 500 DESERT STORM170448192155173220201423
CLASSIC UCE 500 (DELUXE)178205200847181109210524
THUNDERBIRD 500179665202483182595212239
CONTINENTAL GT198846223976202118234763
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