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Royal Enfield Classic Thump vs Honda CB350 Exhaust Sound – Compared

Believe it or not, one of the biggest reason behind Royal Enfield’s success, is its thump – in addition to its looks / design

One of the features that have made Royal Enfield motorcycles such as Classic 350 popular is the thumping exhaust note. On the streets, it highlights your presence and indicates what you are riding. For many users, Royal Enfield’s thumping exhaust note is an essential component of their overall ride experience. As of now, it’s almost impossible to imagine RE motorcycles without their signature exhaust note.

The latest entrant to challenge the supremacy of Royal Enfield appears to be well aware about the importance of having a powerful aural experience. This is why Honda Highness CB350 has been launched with its own distinctive throaty exhaust note.

In fact, at the launch event of HNESS CB350, Honda had given the most focus to the exhaust note of CB350. Of all the features, maximum time spent during the launch, was about the THUMP of CB350. They even had a Thump Show, during the launch, where famous percussionist Sivamani played. This shows how important Thump of a motorcycle is, when you are planning to eat into market share of Royal Enfield. Below is a video posted by YouTube channel MRD Vlogs, which compares the exhaust note of Royal Enfield Classic 350 Thump vs Honda CB350 Exhaust Note.

Die-hard Royal Enfield fans are unlikely to vote for CB350’s exhaust note. But, we are sure there are many folks out there with an open mind who would appreciate Honda’s efforts in this department.

Which has a bigger THUMP?

While the aural experience of both motorcycles is comparable, it does appear that Classic 350’s exhaust note has a lot more raw power. The sound also appears to vary drastically when the bike is revved up. In comparison, CB350’s exhaust note comes across as more refined. Variations in exhaust note is relatively less when the throttle is increased. If we consider a noisy street with heavy traffic, Classic 350 would obviously be more noticeable with its exhaust note.

However, aural experience is a matter of personal tastes and preferences. So, it’s difficult to say which motorcycle has the best exhaust note. Honda has done a commendable job, but Royal Enfield will continue to be preferred by folks who want their rides to be extra loud.

CB350 vs. Classic 350 – engine & specs

Talking about the engines, CB350 is equipped with a 348 cc motor that generates 21 bhp of max power at 5500 rpm and 30 Nm of max torque at 3000 rpm. In comparison, RE Classic 350 is powered by a 346 cc engine, generating 19.1 bhp / 28 Nm. Both engines are coupled with 5-speed gearbox.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 vs Honda CB350 Specs
Royal Enfield Classic 350 vs Honda CB350 Specs

With more power and torque and being 14 kg lighter than Classic 350 (195 kg), Honda CB350 will have a higher power to weight ratio. It is likely to make the motorcycle more agile, which would be useful in city conditions.

To make the decision easier for customers, Honda has also equipped CB350 with a range of first-in-segment features. Some of these include LED headlight and LED tail lamp with ring type winkers, assist and slipper clutch, selectable torque control, Bluetooth connectivity suite, hazard switch, engine start/stop switch, and side stand indicator with engine cut-off.

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