Royal Enfield Continental GT custom called Surf Racer showcased

At the Wheels and Waves annual motorcycle custom festival, Royal Enfield is back with two new custom bikes. These are Continental GT Surf Racer and Gentleman Brat.

Just like last year, when Royal Enfield unveiled the Dirty Duck and and Mo Powa at the Wheels and Waves Festival, this year too they have unveiled two new bikes – Continental GT Surf Racer and Gentleman Brat. The festival is being held at Bairritz, France from June 14-18, 2017.

Royal Enfield Continental GT Surf Racer by Sinroja Motorcycles gets a complete makeover and is seen with semi-fairing and completely stripped down setup. This UK based motorcycle customization team has transformed the Continental GT into a café racer, giving it the name of ‘Surf Racer’.

In terms of features, the Surf Racer is seen with 17” performance wheels, upgraded tyres, upside down front fork and horizontally mounted rear monoshock. It also gets a fuel tank in a cool blue color while seat is in brown leather.

Royal Enfield Continental GT Surf Racer also receives a tuned up engine with higher lift cam, inlet manifold and machined piston barrels offering higher compression. A Dellorto carb conversions system allows burnt gases to be expelled through an under seat tail exhaust.

The overall design is simple and yet appealing with bold graphics which emphasize its racing heritage. Use of quality material and a premium touch draws attention to the Sinroja hallmark.