Royal Enfield Continental GT Yellow and Burn-up Wear motorcycle range

Royal Enfield Continental Yellow GT (1)
Royal Enfield Continental GT launch is also the opportune moment to introduce a range of ‘Burn-up Wear’. This purpose built motorcycling range includes a textile riding jacket with CE approved removable protectors, high visibility reflective piping, removable winter liners and ventilation.

There’s also a GT Brando Leather Jacket, and a special edition co-branded leather jacket by Lewis Leathers based on their Lightning series.


Their half-face AGV helmets feature Royal Enfield vintage graphics and insignia.There’s also Ton-up T-shirts, Continental GT T-shirts and pit shirts to choose from. Continental GT range also includes all-weather ankle length shoes, long and short leather riding gloves, and high abrasion resistant riding trousers with removable hip and knee protectors.

“Aptly timed, the Continental GT is an important catalyst in realising our ambition of achieving global leadership in the mid-size motorcycle market. We believe there is an interesting space for our kind of motorcycling with bikes that are holistic in their approach, and are great fun to ride in cities and beyond the urban landscape as well”, Mr Lal said.

“The involving new Continental GT evokes a sense of nostalgia and aims to revive the mood of romantic and free spirited optimism of the swinging ‘60s. It is built to be a motorcycle that insists on being ridden frequently,” said Mr. Lal. “It is a no-nonsense bike that is easy to maintain and own, and one that turns heads without exception. Novices and veteran riders will appreciate the complete control of this bike; the experience of the Continental GT is pure motorcycling at its best, much like in the heydays of café racing,” he added.

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