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Royal Enfield Electric Motorcycle Will Be Sold As Premium Modern Classic

Royal Enfield Electric Motorcycle
Image for reference. Credit – Neev Motorcycles

Royal Enfield electric range will be offered in both domestic and international markets

As automotive industry transitions to an all-electric ecosystem, OEMs are working proactively to target this space. Among home-grown auto companies, Eicher Motors, the parent company of Royal Enfield, is working to develop a new range of electric motorcycles. As of now, Royal Enfield leads in middleweight motorcycle segment. Its portfolio comprises bestsellers such as Classic 350, Meteor 350, Bullet 350, Himalayan, and 650 twins (Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650).

Eyes on future

In the company’s annual report, managing director Siddhartha Lal points to the increasing activity in electric vehicle segment. As this space is expected to witness exponential growth over the decade and beyond, Royal Enfield is developing its EV portfolio in a strategic manner.

Royal Enfield electric bike range will continue using the signature retro styling that can be seen on existing petrol-powered bikes. The company will be utilizing its capabilities in product development, production and distribution for developing its electric range. These new motorcycles will be in line with the company’s focus on reducing carbon emissions. They will also support on-going global efforts to better manage climate change.

As a complete shift to electric may take several years, Royal Enfield will continue to focus on improving its existing range of ICE-powered bikes. Those plans have been already put into action with Meteor 350 that was launched last year. Meteor 350 packs in a new engine and chassis, which have ensured superior performance and smoother rides.

Royal Enfield Electric
Royal Enfield Electric – Private Modification

New-gen Classic 350 is also expected to be launched soon. It will share the same engine and chassis as that of Meteor 350. Other 350cc motorcycles will also be updated in the future.

Can Royal Enfield dominate electric segment?

Royal Enfield motorcycles currently command more than 80% market share in 200-500cc segment. The number is even higher if we consider only the 350cc space. Even though new products like Honda CB350, Jawa, and Benelli Imperiale 400 are available, Royal Enfield bikes continue to be ahead in terms of popularity and sales.

But can Royal Enfield continue its domination in electric segment? Well, the company certainly has the resources and expertise to make it possible. However, it will not be an easy task. That’s because EVs are a lot different from their petrol-powered counterparts. The company will have to work really hard to ensure that their electric motorcycles do not lose the core essence that makes brand ‘Royal Enfield’ so popular.

One also needs to consider the rise of startups in this space. Products like Revolt RV400 have already emerged bestsellers. These startups are expected to further solidify their position in the coming years. Creating something new that’s better that rival offerings will be another challenge for Royal Enfield in EV space.

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