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Royal Enfield Domestic Sales And Exports Break Up – Feb 2020

Royal Enfield appears to be doing well in the times of slowdown and uncertainty, as domestic sales in February have grown by 1.87%

As compared to 60,066 units sold in February last year, a total of 61,188 units were sold last month. On the other hand, Royal Enfield export growth has come down by -8.42%. A total of 2,348 units were exported in February 2020, as against 2,564 units in same period last year.

Top selling Royal Enfield motorcycle continues to be Classic 350 that has registered sales of 41,766 units in February 2020. This translates into YoY growth of 10.31%, as against 37,862 units sold in February last year.

Classic 350 has registered YoY growth in exports as well, from 112 units to 379 units. This is an increase of 238.39%. It may be recalled that Classic 350 has already been updated to meet BS6 emission norms. Royal Enfield is also working on next-gen Classic 350 that will come with a host of changes including an all-new platform, semi-digital instrument cluster, and improved ergonomics and riding dynamics.

Royal Enfield Feb 2020 – Domestic Sales

1Classic 35041,76637,8623,90410.31
2Bullet 35010,58912,714-2,125-16.71
3Electra 3503,6951,8481,84799.95
5650 Twins2,0801,44563543.94
6Thunderbird 3508304,298-3,468-80.69
7Bullet 50060140-80-57.14
8Classic 5003613-610-99.51
9Thunderbird 5000145-145-100.00

At number two in domestic sales is Bullet 350, with sales of 10,589 units in February 2020. YoY sales growth has turned negative by -16.71, as against 12,714 units sold in February last year. The motorcycle is also lagging behind in exports, as not even a single unit was sent overseas. At number three is Electra 350, which has doubled its domestic sales numbers in February 2020. From 1,848 units to 3,695 units, sales have grown by 99.95%. Export numbers for the motorcycle stand at 19 units in February 2020.

Catering to a niche audience, Royal Enfield Himalayan comes in at fourth place in domestic sales. A total of 2,165 units were sold in February 2020, as against 1,001 units in February last year, which translates into YoY gain of 116.28%. Himalayan seems to be gaining popularity across the globe as well, with exports rising 9.69%, from 578 units to 634 units.

Royal Enfield Feb 2020 – Exports

1650 Twins9221,448-526-36.33
3Classic 350379112267238.39
4Classic 5002552154018.60
5Bullet 50012516109681.25
6Electra 35019019
7Thunderbird 35014195-181-92.82
8Bullet 350000
9Thunderbird 500000

At number five is 650 Twins that have registered 43.94% growth in domestic market. Sales have increased from 1,445 to 2,080 units. However, 650 Twins seem to be losing momentum internationally, as exports are down -36.33%. A total of 922 units were exported in February 2020, as against 1,448 units in February last year.

The bottom four motorcycles include Thunderbird 350, Bullet 500, Classic 500 and Thunderbird 500, all of which have registered negative YoY growth in February 2020. Thunderbird 350 sales have dropped drastically, from 4,298 units to 830 units. Exports are also down -92.82%.

Bullet 500 sales are down from 140 to 60 units, a drop of -57.14% YoY. However, Bullet 500 seems to be liked internationally, as exports have zoomed 681.25%, from 16 to 125 units. Classic 500 sold just 3 units in February 2020, while exports have grown by 18.60%. Thunderbird 500 has zero numbers in both domestic sales and exports.

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