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Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 Side View Detailed – New Spy Shots

Himalayan 450 will get a larger 450cc engine which will make more power and torque to compete with the 390 Adventure

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 Side View
Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 Side View. Image – Motorcycle News

Royal Enfield has been developing the Himalayan 450 for quite some time now. New motorcycle will stay true to the precedent set by its 411cc sibling. It will be marketed as an adventure tourer in India competing with BMW G310GS and KTM 390 Adventure. After the exhaust design was spied a few days back, new spy shots reveal side view.

The updates expected on the Himalayan 450 will make it even more capable off-road and even more relaxed on-road. In latest spy shots from the UK by Motorcycle News, we can see that the new motorcycle gets significantly broader seats to accommodate riders of all frames and sizes.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 – New Spy Shots

It is also expected to get comfier cushioning to give riders more support and comfort. This will also make sure that riders can ride farther on one stretch before needing to take a break further aiding Himalayan 450’s touring abilities.

Rider’s triangle also seems to be better than Himalayan 411. This will aid the rider in daily commutes and as well as highway runs. Pillion seat looks like an upgrade too as it looks broader and better cushioned in comparison to Himalayan 411. The pillion will also appreciate the placement of the rear footpegs and big grab handle beneath them.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 Spied in the UK
Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 Spied in the UK

Himalayan will get a bigger 450cc single-cylinder petrol engine with an overhead camshaft. It will get oil cooling. It is expected to make more power and more torque than Himalayan 411. This will make it an even worthy opponent to the likes of KTM 390 Adventure and BMW G310GS. The engine might be coupled to a brand new 6-speed transmission instead of the 5-speed unit on Himalayan 411.

The motorcycle will get spoked wheels at the front and rear. Wheels are expected to be 21” at front and 17” at the rear like Himalayan 411. Ground clearance on the newer model seems to be higher. This might be due to beefier forks with longer suspension travel. Final production version of Himalayan 450 will be slightly bigger than the outgoing Himalayan 411 and is also expected to weigh a little more due to the bigger engine.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 Features

Himalayan 450 will get tubular frames at front and rear to hold luggage, panniers and jerry cans. It will also get a new vertically mounted instrument cluster which will easily fall in rider’s peripheral vision. Other expected features on the bigger Himalayan include, dual-channel switchable ABS, slip and assist clutch, some kind of riding modes with different throttle maps, GPS navigation on the instrumentation and maybe even ride-by-wire to make the throttle response better. In the video below, we can see the Himalayan 450 on test in India.

The Himalayan will come with off-road specific features too. Even though Royal Enfield hasn’t made it official, we can expect a robust suspension, capable engine, stiff chassis and durable components. Royal Enfield might even consider more off-road friendly components as an option at least as Hero does with its Xpulse 200 in the form of the Rally Kit. When launched, it will be a worthy competitor to the more road-biased KTM 390 Adventure, BMW G310GS and the upcoming Hero Xpulse 300.

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