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Royal Enfield Himalayan broken rear wheel – Rally rider reveals the truth

Shahrukh Mohammad participated in National Rally Championship riding his Royal Enfield Himalayan.

Royal Enfield Himalayan has been in the news for some wrong reasons in the recent weeks. Be it recall, petrol tank leaking, foot pedal failure, etc. The bike is once again in the news after images of the Himalayan whose rear tyre had come off during a National Rally Championship in Coimbatore started circulating on the social media.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Broken Wheel (1)

Royal Enfield Himalayan Broken Wheel (3)

Royal Enfield Himalayan Broken Wheel (4)

Royal Enfield Himalayan Broken Wheel (6)

Images – Prakaash Rawat

Thankfully, the owner of this particular Royal Enfield Himalayan, Shahrukh Mohammad has come forward and revealed the truth. This is what he has to say-

1) Nobody including me, never blamed the bike for what happened
2) It was a stage filled with thorns where punchers are obvious
3) The bike did almost 90 kms with a flat tyre as I had no other option but to ride it back
4) Himalayan is an amazing bike, atleast for me and is being a great bike to race on. Cheers.

Clearing the doubt, Shahrukh reveals that it was no fault of the motorcycle. As one reader, Karthik Shanmukha rightly puts – “This happens to any vehicle which is ridden at a high speed after suffering a puncture. And also how does RE’s quality(in this case) come into picture, coz i dont think they asked ppl to ride the bike after a puncture…did they??”

Royal Enfield Himalayan sales ban lifted in Delhi

Launched earlier this year, Royal Enfield Himalayan is the first purpose-built adventure tourer launched by the company. The Himalayan is based on a new platform and is powered by a new LS410 long stroke, single cylinder 410cc engine offering 25 PS peak power at 6,000 rpm and 32 Nm peak torque at 4,000 to 4,500 rpm. Low on maintenance, the company claims that engine oil lasts for upto 10,000 kms while spark plugs prove efficient for 25,000 kms.


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    • In the another episode of MythBusters, One man claimed to have ridden a 182kgs worth of steel off-road for 90kms with a flat tyre. Now its time to put that myth to the test.

      After 100 meters…. oops BUSTED. Now lets collect the pieces hurled around the place, put them the bike in a bin bag and lets go home.

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