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Himalayan owner writes a heartfelt letter to Royal Enfield


Nithin Ravindran’s brand new Royal Enfield Himalayan posed a host of technical issues after 500 kms.

Even as Nithin Ravindran loved his new Royal Enfield Himalayan dearly, he has had to contend with a host of technical issues which has now turned this love to anger, irritation and frustration. He has tried knocking every RE door for help, but has returned empty handed. Now he takes his frustration online, and has shot an open letter to RE.

As per the letter written by Nithin, his Royal Enfield Himalayan started acting up just after crossing 500 kms. It started making strange noises, its seat got deformed, and then the head light cracked. The bike started staying more at service center for repairs and replacement of parts, than his home.

Himalayan problems (2)

When Nithin thought all his troubles were over, he soon had to deal with vibrations, even though the strange noise kept coming from the engine. The noise and vibrations only got worse when Nithin noticed a problem with shifting of gears. The gears got locked and all attempts to release the same yielded no results which put his life in danger on many occasions.

Just when Nithin thought that things could not get any worse, the fork cone gave way after which he again gave the RE Himalayan for servicing as it was no longer rideable. Return from the service center did not end Nithin’s woes as back came all the problems with vibrations now starting at 40 kmph as against the earlier 80 kmph mark, while issues with the gear also persisted. In rains, due to the water entering odometer, that too stopped working.

Himalayan problems (1)

Nithin is looking for answers both from the company and service dealership as to what he should do with this bike as dealers seem to have given up on fixing the issue. Two and a half months of ownership has seen him dealing with nothing but trouble where the RE Himalayan is concerned.

Nithin adds that he is nowadays spending more time at RE service center than at his workplace. He also adds that he needs to work in order to pay the EMI.

Royal Enfield Himalayan bad experience (1)

Royal Enfield Himalayan bad experience (2)

Royal Enfield Himalayan bad experience (3)

Royal Enfield Himalayan bad experience (4)

Royal Enfield Himalayan bad experience (5)

Royal Enfield Himalayan bad experience (6)

Royal Enfield Himalayan bad experience (7)

You can read his letter here.

UPDATE from Nithin Ravindran – I have received a call from Royal Enfield Regional Manager. They are working towards fixing the problem.


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  • Thåra El Ryo

    come on RE this is such a shame.

  • Rayhan Abbas

    really heart braking…

  • Reeto

    RE does what most other Indian companies do……..use customers as beta testers

  • Ajay Kumar Choudhary

    Big shame RE plese come up with the soluation not just wise WORD.

  • Himal Chakraborty

    So much hype was there about Himalayan when it was about to launch. ..
    Some people were advising Himalayan as the best one…like they already owned it for a life time before the launch. .
    Now its clear that Himalayan is a failure.

    So what I want to say here is … wait watch experience and then only advise.

  • Jasbir Singh Peenay

    From being a bull, it has come down to a BULLSHIT….
    Really appalling…. My heart goes out for the owners….

  • Vasu Patel

    Quality of machines by RE is degrading day by day… Its no longer what it used to be. Poor quality metal, poor quality of finishing n soo on its a long list… :/

  • Joshua Rodrigues

    Never give ur bike in showroom… dey just want to make money nuthing else no experience worker’s nuthing
    It’s better getting it repaired out n in front of u… so u know Wat r dey doing… instead of showroom wich don’t do nethng n charge for it

  • Rajkumar Sundar

    All you RE aficandos, your comments on this, now don’t tell us that we don’t know how to ride a RE

  • Kdass Ramakrishnan

    cheap people.. cheap designers.. cheap workmanship…cheap parts.. that is called royal enfield those days have gone…we have to buy a workshop before we buy royal

  • Venkat Suresh

    Hello to all this Venkat Suresh am employee of royal Enfield please don’t disappoint all we are making all of product in good manner now all are good and we are ready to assist you all and we have more future bikes plan to you people please encourage us

    Thank you

  • Tardino Raymond

    Very few motorcyclists understand that a new model produced in it too large scale(big turntable ladder) and with specifications so different besides of the production cannot offer the optimal quality level from the first months of sale with the best will of the world the disappearance of all the defects quoted here will take time But Himalayan was born with a technical base(basis) which him(her,it) is similar in real ROYAL one ENFIELD

  • Venkat Suresh

    My contact number further details of bikes u can call me 9944988397

  • Gulam Dastageer

    Am facing the engine problem off my Classic 350 Ash 3 times they done it but am really ashame for my self to promote this products to my friends still am feeling like am riding am seven seater (deseal )auto Rickshaw even I wrote to Royal Enfield they suggest me to meet there Hyderabad Brand Manager he also assured me the good service but not done any thing hardly I ride as I I don’t get mood to ride with this engine sound most of my time wasted with the work shops only as the production is fast the quality is degraded earlier there priority was quality now only quantity means numbers hope they will realize as soon as possible…..

  • Vasanth Vasi

    I stay in Bangalore owned TH350 had a mileage of 33-35 after reporting to them on 4th service mileage dropped to 25 bullshit service HSR Sudamnagar (Jc.road)

  • Nihar Ranjan Das

    I have a Classic Chrome Black. The day when I purchased, the Tappit sound is coming. But the Sai Ram Autocraft mechanics are not agree. Also the Quality of the RE Parts are very Very Poor. They are making fool to the normal people( who doesn’t have experience with Old RE Bullet). People are thinking that they are very Proud that they are driving a Bullet.

  • Kulbhushan Yadav

    royal infield have to think on their after sale services, i spend past 4 years in U.K, U.P and now in vadodra gujrat.. very poor condition of service and parts all over India i think… v love infield, and every time when i gave infield in hands of infield service person. i saw my infield dying ….

  • Niki Varghese

    i own a continental gt and for me also from the day i purchased the bike the tappit sound is coming. The after sales service is very poor and the mechanics are not able to work on the new models.

  • Nithin KB

    Bro never ever take yr bullet to RE people.Those Fuckers Dosent know anything. Take yr bull to some good mechanic outside.they will fix all yr prblms for sure. This show room people always makes problems bigger.Do it in this way all your problems will be over soon.Best of Luck.

  • Venkatesh Akshara

    They r manufacturing worst shits now a days….. N the show room dealers r really shitty people’s…
    Example: Chennai velachery dealer.. No.1 basterd.

  • Prateik G Hangal

    I think he should visit consumer forum that’s better to file a case

  • Abhishek Singh

    Siddharth lal chutiya hai

    And dont take your bike ever to re station they will fuck your enfield up i’ve experienced it so i know the pain

  • Nithin KB

    Not only in Chennai Dude.Every wr its same only.And quality comes down day by day.till 2014 mid it was gud.

  • RE as expected.

  • Nirvana

    The only good thing about RE are its retro styling and simple mechanics. Everything else belongs to the 19th century. I too fell in love at the first sight with the Himalayan. i test drove it. Loved the confidence the vehicle had. But I knew by the engine sound that this vehicle is sick and is badly engineered. And the gears were hard even during the test drives. I thought that because they are new. But, it seems that the gears get harder over time. The vibrations are much lower compared to other RE bikes, as they used cams to balance out the vibrations. I think this particular case has bad vibrations. Moral of the story : Never ever buy a Newly launched bike and worse don’t do that on EMI.

  • Subhramani Sathyanarayan

    Wondering if I should cancel my booking and ask my friends to cancel as well. With so many issues, I dont know if I’ll ever buy an RE bike.

    • Soumya Chatterjee

      hey.. dont cancel… himalayain is a mini tiger trust me… its just that nithin’s bike is a bit wilder and so mine … get it if you are a Man always with a Machine type of person ?

      • Subhramani Sathyanarayan

        You have no idea how much I’ve had to spend on my RX 135 and still is in a shit shape dude. I thought I’ll buy a new bike so that I dont have to bother spending too much fixing issues, but it turns out the bike is full of issues though I simply loved the bike :-/

    • Gaurav Bharadwaj

      Don’t buy an RE people disregard anyone and everyone who says this only to feel the heat later, there is a reason why opinion on RE are so wildly opposing.

      The cult will force you to become a part of herd, and each and every fault will be chalked upto being manly and knowing your bike inside out.

      Don’t follow the herd,its you hard earned money, if you want peace of mind, say no to RE !

    • Gaurav Bharadwaj

      Subhramani Sathyanarayan I was in the same boat as you, took a test ride of Himalayan and MOJO, 6k km later i am still a happy customer like most of the Mojo owners, just an alternative if you want a tourer !

    • Mohak Adav

      Cancel it and buy a Mahindra Mojo, for offf roading you can search for Sarath Shenoys account on facebook for its off-roading capabilities. Being a mojo owner from 10 months its thr best bike in its segment.

  • Vijay Anand Krishnan

    Just cancelled my booking 😛

  • Frâzér Asokan

    its not just you, most RE owners have similar problems

  • Praveen Ronie

    Me too having the same problems with my RE

  • Venkatesh Akshara

    In velachery Chennai.., its really shit us happing… Lucky I got my bull by kid off 2014.. N so far I never got big problems only fedup wit those people in service centers

    • Nithin KB

      Not only in Chennai Dude.Every wr its same only.And quality comes down day by day.till 2014 mid it was gud.

  • Thaha Mubarack

    I think The service center guys have lack of experience,last time I gave my Electra to fix the huge tik-tik sound from engine after two days I get the bull but but by riding 10km the sound is back then I return to them ….they fixed it again but the result is same …it is repeated 3times at last they gave the bull to an outsider technician and get it OK.

    • Arun Chaudhary

      Yes same problem I got in ma bike last year… That tik tik sound… Can any one tell what is the problem

  • Samarth Shirol

    This doesn’t amuses me, anyway. What else to be expected from illiterate people. Well you can’t expect a ayurvedic doctor to be a surgeon overnight, do you?

  • Thakur Aditya Pathania

    Hello there,
    Sir there is seriously some problem with RE. It is now a brand and nothing else. U must have hurd a saying in hindi ” chirag tale andhera ” & ” unchi dukan feka pakwan “. The older models of bullet are so good that gran father bought the Bullet and then his grandson is driving the same bike. It used to be 3 or more generations bike. But Sir sorry now there is some issues with your company they just want to make money. Now u r bikes r in demand but that day is not far when people will stop buying your bikes then what will u do. The money u have earned will get finished jnko few years. Please try to do survey with people with RE groups so that u can know the problem. I have purchased classic 500 cc black in August 2013 and with in 4 months of purchase my bikes injector stops working thanks to the warranty it got changed free of cost. But sorry Sir after 7 months of changing my injector it stop functioning again. Now I have to pay for that but some how I emailed your company and they replaced it free of cost again. And last year in October 2015 it stopped working again and this time I have to spend 14600 Rs to get it changed. Is this the quality of product u make. And now last month in July it stopped again. All thanks to the royal Enfield company to make such a part on which genuine lable is written but those product are defective. Sir please tell me after every 6 months do I have to spend 14k to 15k for running my bike smoothly. Can’t u people make a better injector for smooth functioning of bike. During rainy season when I am riding my bike for 15 minutes then I don’t knew from where the hell water enters in my bike and neutral light “that green light” start blinking on my bike even when I am driving my bike. How can this be possible. The 3rd problem is the rusting of tank from inside. Seriously man. This is the quality that after 3 years of purchase the tank got rust in it. Shame on you people who r thinking of making money and decreasing the quality of product. Please there is some hope left don’t loose the loyalty of your customers. He 4th problem is with your workshop. Are these people trained. U be shure 1st because everyone I knew who is riding RE from last 9 to 10 years are saying don’t take your bike to RE service station. Are all these people mad or they are doing it for fun. Ok No problem I assume that these people are wrong. Then please do read this. I personally had faced problem. When during service they don’t change the engine oil and have charged it. What is this. And after changing the oil it become black as soon as you ride the bike so u cannot knew. Thought there is some smoothness in riding but they had done this to me. Then 5th problem is that if we ask anything or say that this is a problem then your service people says “Sir ye royal Enfield hai ismai aaisa he hota hai” vibrations zada ho to they say aati hai sir habit hojayegi a aapko. What is this. Man. I had spent 1.75lakhs on this Bike and they r taking there customers for granted. This is what I want to say…

    Change your employees attitude. Or else we the people have to change our attitude towards Royal Enfield

  • Samarth Bapu Ravi

    Same here, self problem. Spark clutch bearing replaced. It costs 4k. Replacement done a year back. But same pblm is occurring again. The bloody service ppl say that the bearing has gurentee of 6 months. I have driven 31k km and the running cost is more than 25k !! RE engineers are uneducated, I think they don’t know how to develope quality programme in the organisation. The company is still surviving just on the brand name.

  • Buny Singh

    I, am facing the clutch problem in my bullet since first day of ownership and still fighting with enfield service stations for last 5 months but they can, t solve the issue

  • Anoop Nambiar

    Now, that makes Himalayan a product from Enfield stable.???

  • Sunil Shrivastav

    I owned CS500 6years. All I can say is RE makes you mechanic. Quality is not aligned with the price which you pay.

  • Manuraj Subramanian

    Subha Thilothaman Dhanasekar Velusamy u guys still think cancelling my Himalayan was bad idea..! Well read this

  • Somil Tiwari

    Bhushan Amin Justine Jose Thonikuzhiyil this is what you get from Royal Enfield. Only troubles and dis satisfaction.

  • Shivam Swaraj

    Every bullet is royal enfield…but every royal enfield is not bullet

  • Kiran Gowda

    Even me facing the same problem been thrice to service center#Re #Himalayan 🙁

  • Ishwarachandra Bethasaravu

    Now a days RE just producing Bullshits nothing else

  • Nitin Sukhwani

    Same here re -ds-500 self not working past 1 year

  • so many comments, all negative about RE…

  • Net Troll

    Can someone kindly ask Siddharth Lal to employ actual riders and not paper tigers in the company to produce some quality products. Stop treating people as guinea pigs for testing sub-standard and incomplete piece of tech. Today companies like Harley and Triumph have created a wave in the cruiser bike section and upcoming companies like UM, Benelli are already producing value for money bikes that are better than RE.

    • Inspite of everything,RE fans would still support and buy their bikes ! how can some people be so stupid,that too paying EMI for such bikes,instead they should invest money in some sensible thing.