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Royal Enfield Himalayan with fire fighting capabilities for Mumbai Fire Brigade

The brave men at Mumbai fire brigade will no longer have to maneuver cumbersome fire engines through the busy streets if the fleet of specially modified Royal Enfield Himalayan passes the test.

Launched earlier this year, the new Royal Enfield Himalayan is now being tested by the brave men at Mumbai Fire Brigade. These are specially equipped Himalayan’s, which will help the Fire Brigade men to offer quick response in the time of crisis.

This is not the first time that a Royal Enfield motorcycle will be used for such a purpose. In fact, in smaller towns and cities, where the local municipality finds it difficult to invest in a full fledged fire engine, they go ahead and buy such bikes which are not only more effective in smaller cities, but are also more affordable to maintain.

The Royal Enfield Himalayan bikes you seen in the images above were brought to the city by a company called Brijbasi. This company has already provided such Himalayan’s to the Bhopal and Ujjain Fire Brigade. They are in Mumbai to demonstrate the capabilities of this indigenous two wheeler.

The mods do not come cheap. Each bike costs in the range of INR 9-10 lakhs. This is about five times the price of the stock Royal Enfield Himalayan. One of the mods is the addition of in built high pressure fire fighting pump. This has a of 60 litres capacity. In comparison to this, a mini fire engine has capacity of 450 liters, while a fire engine truck has a capacity to store 4,500 liters of water.

These bikes will be packed with compressed air foam and water systems besides first aid kits and gel blankets for immediately bringing fire under control, while also giving on the spot attention of burns victims.

Bikes are a more prudent option to the huge fire trucks, which sometimes find it difficult especially while maneuvering the narrow lanes and by lanes of most Indian cities. Usually, fire brigade vehicles arrive late due to getting stuck in jams or trying to edge their way between the cities heavy traffic. These new fire prevent motorcycles will help them in saving a lot of time and in turn save precious lives.

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