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Royal Enfield Himalayan leaks petrol soon after delivery – Video

Buying a new motorcycle is not an easy thing to do these days. We are not talking about the trouble of collecting paperwork / money. What we are referring to is the trouble of selecting a motorcycle you want to own. With a wide variety of options on offer, it sure gets difficult for consumer today than say 5-10 years ago.

Once you have finally decided of what you are going to buy, and done with the payment and paperwork, follows next is the waiting period, which on average ranges from a few days to few weeks, depending on the motorcycle.

One such rider is Ankit Soni. After going through all the above trouble, Ankit took the delivery of his “dream ride”, a Royal Enfield Himalayan earlier today. What he tweeted within a few minutes of buying the bike, was nothing less than his worst nightmares.

Usually, the amount of fuel in a motorcycle when you take delivery is bare minimum, only enough to take you to the nearest petrol pump in most cases. We are not sure whether the bike started leaking fuel after re-fueling or at the dealership itself. But from the amount of fuel being leaked, it seems that it had been tanked up.

Built to take on the Himalayas, this is not the first time built quality of Royal Enfield Himalayan has been questioned. The promo video, where footpeg breaks-off after the bike lands from what seems like a three feet jump and the silent recall (which the company likes to call as a free service check up for the existing owners).

UPDATE – The message seems to have reached the MD sooner than expected, thanks to avid fans on twitter. The dealer has replaced fuel tank of Ankit’s bike and the leaking issue has been resolved.


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