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Royal Enfield Himalayan Two New Colours – Glacial Blue, Dune Brown

Royal Enfield Himalayan gets 2 additional colours from the company’s previous colour palette

Royal Enfield Himalayan - New Colours
Royal Enfield Himalayan – New Colours

Royal Enfield takes credit for properly rejuvenating the adventure-tourer motorcycle genre for the masses. Okay, we had Impulse from Hero MotoCorp before Himalayan. But we never fully appreciated Impulse’s brilliance until it was discontinued. Enthusiasts went overboard and actually swapped its 155cc engine with Karizma’s 223cc engines and called it Karipulse.

It was not an actual thing from Hero, but it became a thing even though it wasn’t road legal. We’ll save our rant on the Government’s modification laws for vehicles in India for another day. But two manufacturers seemed to take notice of the Karipulse. They were Royal Enfield and Hero themselves.

With the launch of Himalayan, Royal Enfield beat Hero MotoCorp to the finish line of launching an adventure tourer by three years. It was launched in 2016. In BS3 guise, Himalayan was a purpose-built motorcycle designed to take on the, well, Himalayan Range. If they wanted to take on Western Ghats, they would have named it Western Ghats. But Royal Enfield is also developing a bigger and more sophisticated 450cc Himalayan and in the meantime, to keep the aging product fresh, Himalayan 411 gets two more colours to spice things up.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Two New Colours

Royal Enfield has introduced two new colour schemes for Himalayan. These new colours don’t resemble any of the colours Himalayan got before. They stand out like they were intended to. One of the colours resembles the dark pastel yellow colour that Royal Enfield Classic range of motorcycles used to get. It was a special edition on Classic 500 in particular which is now discontinued, and was dubbed as Desert Storm. On Classic 350 that is currently on sale, it is called Signal Desert Sand. On the Himalayan, it is called Dune Brown.

2022 Royal Enfield Himalayan Dune Brown Colour
2022 Royal Enfield Himalayan Dune Brown Colour

But unlike a monotone finish on Classic 500 Desert Storm, the way it has been implemented on Himalayan is very similar to Pine Green shade. The front beak, sides of the fuel tank and side body panels covering toolbox and air box, get an irregular camouflage pattern. This makes it look a lot more interesting than Desert Storm shade on Classic 500 and Signal Desert Sand on Classic 350.

The other colour Himalayan gets is similar to Lagoon Blue colour shade that was offered with the Classic 350 and Classic 500. This new Himalayan colour is called Glacial Blue. Unlike the other shade with patterns, it is a single colour offering without any patterns to spruce things up. Front beak, fuel tank and side body panels get this mono-coloyr shade. Both these new colours are inspired by the extreme yet picturesque elements of nature.

Himalayan New Colours Price

Himalayan currently gets 9 colour options and the new colours add a tasteful variety to the list. These new colours were revealed at the 2022 Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey, which was flagged from Delhi earlier today. Images are credited to participants @manavsinha, @kochimachan and @turbochargedmag.

In terms of purpose-built hardcore off-roaders, Royal Enfield Himalayan only competes with Hero Xpulse 200. But adhering to genre and pricing, it competes with KTM 390 Adventure, BMW G 310 GS and the likes. Speaking of G 310 GS, it recently got new colour schemes that might interest you.

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