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Royal Enfield Himalayan Scram 411 Custom – Modified To Race

Commissioned by Royal Enfield, this customized Scram 411 Supermoto edition was to debut at Glemseck 101 race meet

Royal Enfield Himalayan Scram 411 Custom
Royal Enfield Himalayan Scram 411 Custom

With their simple, yet robust architecture, Royal Enfield bikes are easy to modify and can support a wide variety of body styles. Latest custom project involves Himalayan Scram 411 that has been transformed into a Supermoto racing machine. Commissioned by Royal Enfield, this custom project has been executed by Germany-based Crooked Motorcycles. Images are credited to Bike Exif.

Key objective of this project was to showcase the creative prowess of team Crooked. The challenge was to achieve an entirely new look, without losing out on the core character of Himalayan Scram 411. Moreover, everything needed to be done in a time period of just three weeks.

Himalayan Scram 411 Supermoto – SuperScram

Custom-made SuperScram has such an unconventional design that calling it radical will be an understatement. Much of the bike’s body panelling has been removed and replaced with custom-made panels. The primary choice of metal here is aluminium, which is easy to mill into the desired shape. Unlike stock Scram 411 that has a curvy fuel tank and body panelling, SuperScram has straight-cut panels with sharp profile.

Some deep-level modifications were performed such as removal of subframe and replacing it with a custom bodywork. The stock fuel tank has been entirely removed and there’s a new custom fuel tank built under the seat. It comes with a snazzy pop-up filler cap. The underseat fuel reservoir not only helps achieve a sleek look and feel, but also lowers the bike’s centre of gravity.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Scram 411 Custom
Royal Enfield Himalayan Scram 411 Custom

At front, the bike has bright Supernova LED headlight. Tail lights are custom-made and placed in the lower section of rear fender. Parts like license plate, speedometer and turn signals are missing on purpose, as this is more of a display machine.

SuperScram aftermarket upgrades

While the 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheel combo has been retained, SuperScram Supermoto gets Metzeler Sportec M9 tires. Scram 411 stock low-mounted fender has been replaced with a Husqvarna enduro unit. Suspension and braking apparatus have been retained, but the bike gets additional equipment such as Probrake levers and LSL handlebars. These help achieve a sportier look and feel.

Other upgrades include short-stroke throttle, Biltwell Inc. grips and a CNC-machined start button seamlessly integrated into the bodywork. The saddle is another key highlight, which appears like a nano runway. The custom Alcantara seat stretches all the way from the steering head to the bike’s rear fender. It is functionally relevant though, as it allows easy movement of the rider. The bike gets a custom exhaust that runs parallel to the seat.

Colour theme is predominantly black, with contrasting bits of yellow. The black shade comes in glossy finish across most parts. Components like the engine are also blacked out. There are no performance upgrades in this customization project.


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