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Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Vs CB350RS Vs Jawa Vs Ronin – Specs Compared

Hunter 350 is expected to be launched in the price range of Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 1.7 lakh, making it accessible to a larger customer base

New Royal Enfield Hunter 350
New Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Most athletic Royal Enfield bike till date, Hunter 350 is scheduled to debut on August 7th. Ahead of that, details of the bike have been revealed. Only thing left is the price, which will be announced during the launch event. Going by its compact proportions and neo-retro profile, Hunter 350 will primarily target younger audiences. To understand how it fares against rivals, here’s a quick comparison between Royal Enfield Hunter 350 vs. Honda CB350RS vs. TVS Ronin TD vs. Jawa Forty Two.

All four bikes have retro styling, as evident in features such as round headlamp, circular rear view mirrors and tear-drop shaped fuel tank. Other than that, these bikes have unique features that ensure a distinctive look and feel. Hunter and Ronin have an advantage here, as these are entirely new models. Freshness in design and the prospect of trying something new can help boost sales. All four bikes are available in a range of attractive colour options. Personalization options are available with Hunter 350 and TVS Ronin.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Vs CB350RS Vs Jawa Vs Ronin

Hunter uses the 349cc air cooled motor that’s also in use with Classic 350 and Meteor 350. It makes 20.2 hp of max power at 6,100 rpm and 27 Nm of peak torque at 4,000 rpm. TVS Ronin TD has the smallest capacity engine among the four bikes. However, power output is at par with Hunter 350 and Honda CB350RS. Ronin has a 225.9cc air-and-oil cooled motor that generates 20.1 hp at 7,750 rpm and 19.93 Nm at 3,750 rpm.

Honda CB350RS is powered by a 348cc, air cooled engine that churns out 20.7 hp at 5,500 rpm and 30 Nm at 3,000 rpm. CB350RS has the highest torque output in the group. Jawa Forty Two has the highest power output among the four bikes at 27.3 hp. It is powered by a 293cc, liquid cooled motor. Torque output is at 27 Nm. While Jawa has a 6-speed gearbox, the other three bikes have 5-speed gearbox. Drive experience could be better with CB350RS and Ronin, as these two bikes have slipper clutch.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Vs CB350RS Vs Jawa Vs Ronin
Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Vs CB350RS Vs Jawa Vs Ronin

Hunter 350 vs. rivals – specs

Hunter 350 is heaviest in the group with kerb weight of 181 kg. Lightest is TVS Ronin at 160 kg. Since Ronin’s power output is at par with Hunter and CB350RS, the bike will have a higher power-to-weight ratio. CB350RS and Jawa Forty Two have kerb weight of 179 kg and 171 kg, respectively. Ronin has the highest ground clearance of 181 mm whereas CB350RS tops the list in wheelbase at 1,441 mm. Jawa Forty Two can have better handling with the lowest seat height of 765 mm.

In terms of suspension, Ronin fares better with USD forks at front. The golden coloured USD forks also work to enhance the bike’s look and feel. Other bikes have standard telescopic forks at the front. At rear, Ronin has monoshock suspension in comparison to twin rear shock absorbers used on other three bikes.

From a safety perspective, all four bikes are equipped with dual-channel ABS as standard. CB350RS can be better, as it has traction control. In terms of technology, Ronin takes the lead by offering a comprehensive range of connectivity features. Hunter and CB350RS also have Bluetooth-based connectivity features. Jawa Forty Two is purely old-school and does not have any type of connectivity features.

Hunter 350 vs. rivals – pricing

Hunter 350 prices will be announced at the time of launch. Among the other three bikes, Ronin TD is most affordable at Rs 1.69 lakh – Rs 1.71 lakh. Costliest bike in the group is CB350RS at Rs 2.03 lakh. Jawa Forty Two is available at a starting price of Rs 1.94 lakh.

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