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Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Inspired 350cc Cruiser – Rendered

Royal Enfield Meteor 350cc Cruiser
Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Inspired Cruiser – Render

The new render shows what Meteor 350 could like if it was designed as a proper low-slung cruiser motorcycle

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 started generating a lot of buzz way before its actual launch and even after a month of its official launch, it doesn’t seem to die down. There were very high expectations from this modern cruiser which has stepped into the big shoes of its predecessor Thunderbird and Royal Enfield seems to have ticked almost all boxes.

Meteor 350 is Royal Enfield’s first of its next generation single cylinder motorcycles with brand new chassis and powertrain. The bike has caught the eyeballs of biking enthusiasts instantly with its cruiser-like low-slung stance, forward set footpegs and a raised handlebar.

However, it is not one of the traditional cruisers. These have a very low stance with relatively long front forks and a longer wheelbase. Point in case is Bajaj Avenger which sports a traditional cruiser design. Meteor 350 like the discontinued Thunderbird model is a cross between a cruiser and a street bike. Here we have with us a digitally modified Meteor 350 rendered as a traditional cruiser.

Meteor 350 as a traditional cruiser

In a video, created and uploaded by SRK Designs on YouTube we get to see a digitally re-imagined Meteor 350 as a traditional low-slung cruiser and to be honest it does look very good. For starters, the designer has taken the image of a regular Meteor and slants its front forks adding a few degrees to the rake angle thus adding a few inches to the wheelbase as well.

Next up, the tail section is reshaped a little with the tail light repositioned lower than usual on the rear fender. The rider’s seat is also lower than the stock model and the pillion seat is now narrower than the original model.

Grab handles for pillion too have been moved forward and very low. Next, a taller handlebar is added which are usually found in conventional bobbers. The wheelbase is further lengthened by stretching the rear section of the bike.

In this case, the base Fireball variant of Meteor was chosen which doesn’t offer the windshield and rear backrest as standard and comes with bright colours. The paint scheme is changed as well with gloss black colour replacing the bright red on offer.

To complement the look further, the designer adds yellow pinstripes to the fuel tank, side panel and rear fender which gives a nice contrast to the overall look of the bike.

Royal Enfield’s plan for a cruiser

It is to be noted that Royal Enfield is indeed developing a traditional low-slung cruiser codenamed KX650 which will be powered by the 650cc parallel-twin engine as on the Interceptor and Continental GT. The motorcycle has already been spotted testing on a couple of occasions.

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