For about Rs 2 lakhs, you can make your Royal Enfield look like this

Here is one mod job which you will find hard to believe, is done on a Royal Enfield Classic. Images - Hitesh Patil.

One reason Royal Enfield has such a huge following, is because of its willingness to get accustomed to the taste of its owner. There are thousands of unique Royal Enfield motorcycles, just because of this very same reason. This has given birth to many RE mod-job artists.

One of them is Kamaljeet Singh, also known as Bobby Singh. Based in Delhi, he has a bike modification entity called Indian Choppers. One of their recent work is called ROGUE. This is a modification Bobby has performed on a Royal Enfield Classic 350 / 500. Take a look in the images below.

Name of the bike above is ROGUE. Bobby’s Rogue machine was built first built for a buyer in Chennai. But the images you see above, are of an owner in Surat, Gujarat.

Speaking about ROGUE, Bobby says that it is a customised Royal Enfield Classic 500. He has also done similar job on Classic 350 as well. The bike comes with a rear tyre that is 360mm wide. He claims that it is the world’s heaviest bike tyre. In the front, there is a 200 mm wide tyre.

In addition to this, he has also given the bike a muscular body with eye catching paint job. It also gets customised wheels, fully metal body, hand made V-Twin engine dummy. Engine and transmission has not been tampered with. More images of his work can be found below.