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Mumbai cops take their Hi-Tech Royal Enfield Electra Twinspark motorcycle on first public ride

Custom bikes are often the innovative take on what a bike can be with options being limitless owing to how much one is willing to invest. Moving away from stereotypical big bike makeovers, it’s the Mumbai Police force that finds an apt ride in a special makeover 350cc Royal Enfield Electra Twinspark.

The effort behind ‘Hi-Tech’ police bike is attributed to Gabriel Zuzarte, who has worked on a 350cc Royal Enfield Electra Twinspark to make it more police friendly. Upfront, the first thing you notice is it’s wide white fairing making the bike appear formidable. Cop friendly additions have made this Electra a one stop shop. So that no officer is left wanting in the line of duty, the leg guard modification houses a fire extinguisher on the right. On the left is a dual siren and speaker system to facilitate communication.

Th original Hi-Tech prototype had a large white container with a pillion back rest affixed, but that has now been axed for a smaller utility box. The stainless steel guard rail remains for easy helmet placement. Utility boxes with protective rails on top are placed on either side of the pillion seat. In a show of keeping pace with times, night-vision cameras are attached to the front and back, and footage is recorded on hard disks connected to the main system, and streamed live, so control room officials can monitor it. LED lights upfront ensure optimum vision at night.

A first aid box has been placed just below the seat on the left making it easy to access. The 3 utility cases are adequate in housing a laptop connected to a printer for challan issuance, hard disk, router, and inverter. Storage is available for high visibility jackets, raincoats, pollution masks, water bottles, and other daily utilities. ‘Hi-Tech’ police bike is fitted with additional charging points, and the prototype uses an 18amp, 12V battery and went on its latest run on Sunday during the ‘Ride for Safety‘ rally organised by Mumbai police.

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