Royal Enfield online store is now open: Buy riding jackets, boots, helmets and much more

Royal Enfield has a huge following in India. Apart from their motorcycles, enthusiasts are also looking to buy their official riding gear. This includes jackets, t-shirts, boots, gloves, helmets, sweaters etc. These were made available at a few dealerships in big cities. In order to make them accessible across India, Royal Enfield online store is now open.

Royal Enfield jackets

At the online store, you get access to their entire collection. Royal Enfield T-Shirts are offered in crew-neck, polo, and henleys style, while you can also choose from a range of shirts. T-Shirts and are priced in the range of Rs 999 to 1,999. Royal Enfield Jackets are seen in leather, textile and protective format. They are priced in the range of 5,999 to 18,999. Royal Enfield Knits offers sweater and cardigan. They are priced in the range of 2,999 to 3,999. Royal Enfield Trousers come in protective, denims, khakis and cargos. They are priced in the range of Rs 2,799 to 5,499.

Apart from apparels, there is huge list of Royal Enfield accessories on sale at the online store. This includes Royal Enfield helmets ranging from Rs 1,799 to Rs 4,799; Royal Enfield leather riding gloves ranging from Rs 1,899 to 2,999; Royal Enfield Buff at Rs 999; Royal Enfield leather belts ranging from Rs 999 to Rs 2,499; Royal Enfield Wallets and Card holders ranging from 599 to 1,899; Royal Enfield bags and travel kits ranging from Rs 1,299 to Rs 5,999.

The list does not get over. You also get Royal Enfield badges, diaries, showcovers, eyewears, and other such extras ranging from Rs 316 to Rs 5,499.

Royal Enfield boots

A range of riding boots have also been launched by Royal Enfield. These Royal Enfield boots are priced at INR 5,099 for model RE05 while RE02 and RE03 are priced at INR 7,099.

In three models and in colors of navy blue and brown, Royal Enfield range of leather boots is priced at INR 5,099 for model RE05 while models RE02 and RE03 are priced at INR 7,099. The boots are made of genuine leather and are of the Hook and Loop mechanism so as to save time in lacing up the boots. To ensure better comfort and protection, the boots are also fitted with a mounded toe shifter and guards for the ankle. RE05 has a flexible Strobel construction while RE02 and RE03 have thermoplastic rubber soles offering better comfort, grip and sturdiness.

Designs of Royal Enfield boots range from high ankle laced boots to sneakers with reinforced toe caps, heal counters and ankle guards and can be used both as riding boots and also leisure footwear. The boots are offered in UK sizes of 7,8,9,10 and 11 have anti skid soles and heavy duty YKK zippers while insides receive soft padding for added comfort.