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Pune Traffic Police starts fining Royal Enfield owners with loud exhaust notes

royal enfield exhaust

180 Royal Enfield owners in Pune were fined for causing noise pollution with a total of INR 36,000 collected as fines from July 14-16.

Following complaints from citizens, citing specifically modified silencers on board Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles, traffic police in Pune has started fining owners. Traffic police are stopping Royal Enfield riders and checking their vehicles for modifications. If these motorcycles are found with loud exhaust notes, known as Indori Phataka in local lingo, offenders are being charged under Section 190 (2) of MVA.

royal enfield exhaust

Company fitted exhaust on Royal Enfield motorcycles emit sounds which are well within government norms.

Changes to the silencer, which causes a public nuisance, attracts a fine upto INR 1,000. 14th July, day 1 of the fine being introduced saw 43 cases being registered, while INR 11,200 was collected while on July 15th 88 cases were registered and INR 17,700 was collected. July 16th saw 49 cases being registered with INR 7,300 collected as fines, bringing total fines to INR 36,200.

While Bullet owners think owning an Enfield Bullet and modifying its sound as a status symbol, they are oblivious to the sound disturbance it causes. Deputy Commissioner of Pune Traffic Police, Sarang Awad has confirmed that noise pollution drive will be extended to other bikes in the days ahead. Traffic police are also on the lookout for garages where these bikes are being modified promising stern action and severe fines against them as well.

Below are a few examples of the exhaust notes which are being fined by Pune Traffic Police

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