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Royal Enfield owners with loud exhausts, beware – RTO will suspend RC

The Motor Vehicle Department aims to tackle noise pollution on a stronger note after fines and stern warnings have failed to bring law breakers to book.

Even as these Royal Enfield bikers were earlier being fined, they continued to sport modified exhausts causing tremendous noise pollution. The RTO has decided to act against these repeated offenders and have now issued a notice that Registration Certificates (RCs) will be suspended and the owner will not be allowed to ride the bike during this period. This is under provision of Section 53 of Motor Vehicle Act.

This suspension term will be for a period of three months during which time they will not be permitted to ride the bikes while on completion of the suspension period, the owners will have to bring their two wheelers to the RTO for checking.

Only once it is ascertained that the bikes are devoid of modified exhausts will the RC copies be returned to the owners.

Bangalore police had confiscated hundreds of RE exhausts and crushed them under a road roller in a public display.

Illegal exhausts have caused multiple problems in the region. They are not only noise polluters but they also distract other road users and cause severe disturbances specially in residential areas where the old and infirm are deeply disturbed by these ear drum shattering sounds.

Illegal exhausts are cheaper than their branded counterparts but some don’t have filters. The branded varieties are built in such a way that they emit better sounds and also keep emission and sound in check. However these are more expensive and not within reach of every biker who then opts for the cheaper and louder varieties.

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