Royal Enfield fan wins the internet with this fitting reply to Bajaj Dominar Haathi Mat Paalo ad – Video

By now, almost every motorcycle enthusiast has seen the new Bajaj Dominar TVC in which they take a dig at Royal Enfield.


Bajaj Auto has released a new TVC for its flagship model the Bajaj Dominar 400. The bike maker makes a direct attack on Royal Enfield referring to the bike as an Elephant. The advertisement directly says – Haathi Mat Paalo.

The famed TVC opens with a group of bikers sporting helmets and riding gear while riding on the backs of elephants. The Dominar riders zoom in the weave in and around these animals and speed ahead with added power and agility while the elephants trudge uphill and tackle sudden turns with great difficulty. The TVC ends with a warning of Haati Mat Palo making direct affront to Royal Enfield motorcycles. Watch the TVC below.

The ad shows the facets of Royal Enfield motorcycles with a catchline that reads – Inspired by a Motorcycling Way of Life but end with a Dominar 400 ad and a catchline – Ride Like a King.

This ad created a lot of buzz, some RE fans decided to ignore the ad by saying – Haathi chale bazaar, Kutte bhauke hazaar. One girl commented this – “Don’t know other things but the guys are hot for sure :P” So unknowingly, Bajaj has probably said in their ad that those riding look hotter.

But not all RE fans were going to ignore. One of the RE fan, disappointed with the Bajaj ad, has created a ad, which is now going viral on social media. Watch the RE fans reply to Bajaj ad in the video below.

Hahahahahah. The RE fan has replied to the ad in a fitting manner. The haathi in the ad, which is a RE in Bajaj speak, is running after a Bajaj Pulsar rider, who gets scared, leaves the bike on the ground, and runs for his life. Too much 🙂

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