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Royal Enfield Sales Breakup Sep 2022 – Classic, Bullet, 650 Twins, Himalayan

Royal enfield domestic sales stood at 73,646 units and exports stood at 8,451 units for Sep 2022

Royal Enfield 650cc Sales Sep 2022
Royal Enfield Sultan by Neev Motorcycles

There was a brief moment when Hunter 350 was revered as the next big thing in Royal Enfield’s 350cc portfolio. With only 796 units short of glory, Hunter 350 was brooding in Classic 350’s neck. Just a month later, Hunter’s hunting ability is short-lived and Classic takes the lead with a massive 10,453 units lead in September 2022.

Despite being identical mechanically, and Hunter’s lower price point, Classic 350 managed to sell 27,571 units and doubled its domestic sales YoY with a volume gain of 13,820 units. With 18,993 units sold a month before, MoM gain is 45.16% and volume gain is 8,578 units. Classic accounts for 37.44% of Royal Enfield’s domestic sales.

RE Sales Breakup September 2022

Hunter 350 sold 17,118 units and compared to 18,197 units sold in August 2022, sales drop 5.93% MoM. It has 23.24% of RE’s domestic sales, down from 29.36% a month ago. Meteor 350 managed 10,840 units in September 2022. Sales grew by 75.29% YoY and 15.79% MoM. Volume gain stood at 4,656 units YoY and 1,478 units.

Bullet 350, which is set to receive a generational update, still managed to attract 8,755 buyers last month and registered a massive 315.52% YoY growth and 14.93% MoM growth. Electra 350, however, sold 4,174 units and registered an astonishing 521.13% YoY growth, highest in this list, and a mere 1.71% MoM growth.

RE Sales Breakup Sep 2022 - Domestic
RE Sales Breakup Sep 2022 – Domestic

Himalayan found 3,478 buyers last month and saw a drop of 4.27% YoY and gained 49.91% MoM in sales. Volume gain MoM stood at 1,158 units. Lastly, we have RE’s flagship 650 Twins which managed to sell 1,710 units and almost doubled its sales over 886 units sold a year before. MoM gain in sales stood at 23.20%, though.

In total, RE Domestic sales stood at 73,646 units. When compared to 27,233 units sold in September 2021 and 61,982 units sold in August 2022, RE Domestic sales registered 170.43% growth YoY and 18.82% growth MoM. Volume gain stood at 46,413 units YoY and 11,664 units MoM.

RE Exports Breakup September 2022

Royal Enfield exports are mainly dominated by Meteor 350 and Classic 350. Meteor 350 even became the highest-selling motorcycle in Britain as well. Both Meteor 350 and Classic 350 are in huge demand in global markets. We say this because both doubled their sales YoY with 3,139 units and 2,607 units respectively. Meteor and Classic register 42.42% and 55.18% MoM growth too.

RE Sales Breakup Sep 2022 - Exports
RE Sales Breakup Sep 2022 – Exports

Himalayan was well received globally. But, with just 1,766 units shipped in September 2022, sales declined 23.02% YoY and gained 5.43% MoM. 650 Twins fell in the red in both YoY and MoM analysis. With just 937 units shipped last month over 1,089 units a year ago and 1,583 units shipped a month before, 650 Twins saw a 13.96% YoY drop and a 40.81% MoM drop.

Hunter 350 falls in the red in exports too, just like it did with domestic sales. With just 2 units shipped as opposed to 78 units in August 2022, Hunter lost 97.44% MoM. Classic 500 and Electra 350 sold zero units. In total, RE Exports stood at 8,451 units and registered 34.23% YoY growth and 17.05% MoM growth. Volume gain stood at 2,155 units YoY and 1,231 units MoM.

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