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Royal Enfield Sales, Exports Breakup Mar 2021 – Classic, Himalayan, 650 Twins

New Royal Enfield Classic
New Royal Enfield Classic. Image – Suri

The Royal Enfield 350cc bikes – Classic, Meteor, Bullet and Electra commanded domestic sales list for March 2021

Royal Enfield domestic sales increased 90.05 percent, exports noted an 84.83 percent increase. Total domestic sales stood at 60,807 units, up from 31,996 units sold in March 2020 while exports increased from 3,184 units shipped in March 2020 to 5,885 units exported in the past month.

RE Domestic Sales

In domestic markets, the Chennai based automaker noted higher demand for its 350cc bikes that include the Classic, Meteor, Bullet and Electra. Each of these posted high growth particularly so in the case of the Bullet 350. At the top of the charts was the Classic 350 with a 52.12 percent share.

Sales in March 21 stood at 31,694 units, up 30.41 percent over 24,304 units sold in March 20. Such is the attention that the automaker pays to the Classic 350 that it has planned a major mechanical overhaul with its new update slated for launch in the coming weeks.

RE Meteor 350 is offered in three variants – Fireball, Stellar and Supernova, was at No. 2 in terms of domestic sales. March 21 sales stood at 10,596 units. The Meteor 350 was launched in India last year and hence cannot be compared in terms of YoY sales.

RE Domestic Sales Breakup - March 2021
RE Domestic Sales Breakup – March 2021

Noting the highest percentage increase was the RE Bullet 350 with 286.64 percent increase in domestic sales to 9,693 units, up from 2,507 units sold in March 20 while the bike currently commands a 15.94 percent share in the company lineup.

Another offering in the 350cc segment, the Electra 350 also noted higher domestic sales last month. Sales which had stood at 3,160 units in March 20 increased 55.51 percent to 4,914 units in March 21. Lower down the domestic sales list was the Himalayan at No. 5 and 650 Twins at No.6. Both these models experienced sales growth to the extent of 121.73 percent and 167.72 percent respectively.

Royal Enfield Exports

The two models that were most in demand in global markets were the Himalayan and 650 Twins. Himalayan exports surged 249.72 percent to 1,857 units in March 21 up from 531 units exported in March 20. However, comparing exports with that of March 20 is not a fit yardstick, considering that was the month that the Pandemic struck, causing much upheaval in terms of production, sales and exports.

RE Exports Breakup - March 2021
RE Exports Breakup – March 2021

Demand for the 650 Twins in global markets increased but only marginally by 6.01 percent to 1,764 units in March 21, up from 1,664 units exported in March 20. The company commenced exports of the Meteor 350 of which 890 units were shipped while the Classic 500 noted a 22.52 percent increase in exports to 691 units.

The Classic 350 featured 5th on the list of exports with 679 units exported in the past month up 87.57 percent over 362 units exported in March 20. The company now plans the new-gen Royal Enfield Classic 350 which will go on sale in the coming months. It will receive a new chassis, revised engine and better handling facilities as compared to its outgoing counterpart. De-growth was reported in the case of the Electra 350 and Bullet 500 of which only 3 and 1 units were exported respectively.

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