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Harley Davidson Street 750 outsells Royal Enfield Continental GT

Royal Enfield bikes have always been favoured by enthusiasts and cult clubs, which resulted in quite steady demand. But since the motorcycles were also famous for faults, right from engine & gearbox to several other components vital to keep the bike operational, sales didn’t pick up like it should have otherwise.

 Flagship RE bike is priced at just over Rs. 2 lakh, while the most affordable HD cruiser is priced above Rs. 5 lakh.In the past few years, the company has been working on improving the reliability of powertrain and gradually other elements as well, which has partly caused the sales to spike to a whole to level. Royal Enfield’s best selling models include Classic, 350 and 500. Since 2012 the charts have been busting and last year the company achieved a new sales record, crossing 3 lakh unit sales (worldwide) for the first time. This is also contributed by the company’s new global sales strategies and renovation of the brand’s logo and interface to welcome younger audience.

While Royal Enfield caters to mid-size motorcycle segment, Harley Davidson quenches the thirst of larger capacity cruiser seekers, and they actually play in two different leagues. But by comparing their sales, it will become evident which class of motorcycles has more preference off-late.

Royal Enfield sold 1,78,121 motorcycles in 2013 and 3,02,591 units in 2014, which is a 43 percent jump. Whereas, Harley Davidson sold 2,60,829 bikes in 2013 and only 2,67,999 nos. in 2014. This means mid-size tourers and cruisers are facing more demand than really premium models, indicating significant future growth potential for the oldest motorcycle brand still in production.

Having said, in December 2014, Harley-Davidson Street 750, the American motorcycle maker’s entry-level model in India, sold 259 units (in India), which is more than Royal Enfield Continental GT café racer, their most expensive motorcycle, which managed to sell only 130 units in December 2014.

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