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Launch price Rs 2.45 lakh for Tata Nano eMax CNG

Nano emax CNG will come in with the same 624cc petrol engine that is seen on the regular Nano, but will also receive two CNG cylinders positioned beneath the driver’s seat. It is these two cylinders that will not only contribute to extending the range but will also considerably reduce running costs. Running cost is down to just Rs 1.32 per km.

Coming in with CNG will add a good 100 kgs to overall weight of Nano taking it upto 735 kgs for the LX trim. In petrol mode, the engine offers peak power output of 37.5 bhp while in CNG mode it produces 32 bhp at 5,500 rpm and peak torque of 45 Nm at 3,500 rpm. The engine is mated to a five speed manual transmission.

Interiors of Nano emax CNG is done up in a novel color scheme and will sport a larger steering wheel and higher seating arrangement. The company is also providing a fire extinguisher as standard while there will be no mobile charger on board. Tata Nano CNG tank is specially designed for the model and is being manufactured by Tata Motors. Price of Nano CNG CX is Rs 2.45 lakh and that of LX trim is 2.72 lakh.

Apart from this, Tata Motors has also installed intelligent safety features in the Nano CNG like, Intelligent Active Safety. What this feature does is that it will continuously keep a keep check on any fuel leak. Nano CNG comes with a 4 year / 60,000 kms warranty. On CNG only, it has a capacity to run for 150 kms, plus the 375 kms range offered by petrol tank. Tata Motors is also updating their dealerships across India to give their customers a new experience. For more information, scroll through the brochure and image gallery below.

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