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Rush captures the essence of racing perfectly

Both, Nicky and James are very good drivers, Nicky is calculative, and James is instinctive. Their rivalry, first started in 1970 Formula 3 race. They were neck to neck when an aggressive move by James, led both their car spin on the track, leaving Lauda stranded. Hunt went on to win the race. This is when Nicky first got to know that James is a driver who will risk his life, just to win a race. One would think that risking life is easy, considering the car is safe, but not in that era. During the 70’s, an average of 2 drivers lost their lives every F1 season!

When not racing, Nicky Lauda was this perfect racer, who used to discipline himself, eat right, sleep early, practice regularly, and so on. Whereas, James Hunt was exactly opposite. As per a report on Dailymail, Hunt was alcoholic, was arrogant, smoked, and the most famous, his grand appetite for sex. It is believed that in his lifetime, he had bedded more than 5,000 women!

Coming back to their rivalry, Nicky Lauda made his debut in F1 in 1971 Austrian Grand Prix, whereas James Hunt made his debut in the 1973 Monaco Grand Prix. The movie Rush talks about that action packed dramatic Formula 1 season of 1976, when the entire world was talking about Lauda and James. This is the year when James gave his everything to win, and Lauda did everything to save his championship. The title decider race, Tokyo GP was watched by 30 million people.

1976 season saw Lauda fighting for his life in that burning F1 car, after that fateful episode during the German GP, and returning to the circuit for the Italian GP (missing just two races in between), against the advice of his doctors. Though James won the championship by a single point, that season will always be known for two people. The way this has been captured in the movie Rush, is just fantastic. You have to watch it for yourself. If you have not watched it yet, here is a little trailer for you.

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