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Ryan Nyquist wins Red Bull Skylines event held in France

At the Red Bull Skylines event held at Grand Palais in France 25 professional BMX riders fought it out to win the coveted title. 5600 spectators were present at this event which was held on a superb course designed by Nate Wessel. Apart from the crowd frenzy, bikers strutted their best by orchestrating superior flips and rolls and combination of both to woo spectators who cheered for more.

Ryan Nyquist was adjudged the winner as he completed a Double Barspin Cannonball with immaculate perfection. Dennic Enarson won the Rider Choice Award while Ben Hennon won the Best line award. The podium saw Ryan in the first place, Dennis in the second place after recovering from a broken femur he suffered last year while Daniel Dhers came in third.

Ryans victory is justified as he came back from a severe head injury he suffered last year. This was one of the biggest BMX courses designed till date and the sheer skill taken to build this course surprised each and everyone.


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