Sachin Tendulkar has a 100th century, IPL Season 5 is 19 days away, and Volkswagen IPL Edition II Polo and Vento is ready for launch: Cricket crazy cars for the Indian auto market

While all of India must now be celebrating Sachin Tendulkar’s 100th century, for most, this season’s cricket extravaganza is going to be the flavor of summer. Indian Premier League Season 5 is 19 days away from bat off, and with the excitement building up, Volkswagen has launched the Vento IPL Edition II and Polo to add to the tempo.

Sports enthusiasts can view these two models at Volkswagen dealer’s showrooms from 15th march, sales will only commence from April 2012. Sales of these two models will start at all VW dealer showrooms from April onwards.

Considering the response VW Vento IPL Edition received last year in IPL Season 4 as per the brand’s action model strategy for the Indian auto market, the 2012 Volkswagen Vento and Polo IPL Editions comprise of select variants. These cricket crazy hatchbacks and sedans come with additional features but no price hike.

Neeraj Garg, member of Board and Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars had this to say about the action model strategy. ”Last year we launched our first action model the Vento IPL Edition and there on introduced the Breeze models of both the Polo and the Vento. The immense response we received towards these special editions has prompted us to continue with the IPL Editions and this time with both our popular carlines-the Polo and the Vento.”

The IPL Edition II will sport interactive car pad with multimedia entertainment system with navigation and social networking options for the rear seat passenger, dual tone leatherette seat covers, special floor mats, doorsill design and IPL branding on the boot. It’s no secret that the Volkswagen IPL Edition II Polo and Vento will garner plenty of market response, considering the additional gizmos being offered on these select models and at no extra cost.