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Top 10 200cc To 500cc Motorcycles Sep 2022 – Classic, Hunter, CB350, Bullet

With 89,822 units sold in September 2022, 200-500cc motorcycles segment thrived with positive growth in both YoY and MoM analysis

Divine Custom Bike By Neev Motorcycles
Divine Custom Bike By Neev Motorcycles

This is one of the most interesting segments in motorcycle space in India. One which comprises fun, exciting and performant products. That said, this segment is completely overpowered by Royal Enfield with its slew of 350cc products. Royal Enfield has 6 products that take up slots within the top 7 motorcycles in this list.

Kicking things off, we have Classic 350 which doubled its sales from 13,751 to 27,571 units YoY. MoM growth was 45.16% and holds a staggering 30.7% share of this segment. Hunter 350 sales took a hit of 5.93% MoM which stood at 17,118 units in September 2022 over 18,197 units sold in September 2022 and holds a 19.06% share.

200-500cc Motorcycles Sales September 2022

Meteor 350 sales stood at 10,840 units, up from 6,184 last year and up from 9,362 units sold the previous month. Bullet 350 and Electra 350 sold 8,755 and 4,174 units respectively in September 2022. Both registered positive growth of 315.52% and 521.13% YoY and 14.93% and 1.71% MoM respectively.

Breaking RE’s chain of top-selling products, we have Honda CB350 that sold a hair under 4,000 units and registered 32.89% YoY growth and 7.16% MoM growth. At 7th place, we have Himalayan with 3,478 units that registered a 4.27% YoY decline and gained 248 units MoM that accounted for 7.68% MoM growth.

200-500cc Motorcycles Sales - YoY
200-500cc Motorcycles Sales – YoY

Platform sharing KTM 250 and Dominar 250 sold 2,160 and 1,848 units respectively. While KTM registered 84.14% YoY and 53.74% MoM growth, Dominar registered a chart-shattering 46,100% YoY and 191.94% MoM growth. This huge gain is due to Dominar 250’s sales in September 2021 with only 4 units.

Newly developed Pulsar 250s sold 1,647 units and registered YoY decline of 59.91% and a gain of 152.22% MoM. KTM’s fire-breathing 390 platform managed to sell 1,506 units and with that YoY growth was at 303.75% and MoM growth was at 81.45%. Bajaj’s Dominar 400 didn’t sell as much as its smaller sibling and sales dwindled 36.42% YoY and 20.14% MoM.

Avenger 220 sales stood consistent at 701 units with 1.45% YoY growth and 2.94% MoM growth. Apache RR 310 and CB300R managed to sell 570 and 505 units and both registered positive growth in YoY and MoM analysis. Except for Dominar, Pulsar and KTM 250, the quarter-liter segment doesn’t enjoy much action.

200-500cc Motorcycles Sales - MoM
200-500cc Motorcycles Sales – MoM

Husqies Register Positive Growth

Suzuki V-Strom 250 SX, FZ25, Husqvarna 250 and Gixxer 250 sold 359, 343, 266, and 190 units respectively. Suzuki Gixxer twins are the least-selling 250cc bikes despite being solid products as reflected by most automotive journalists. Ninja 300 sales stood at 153 units and recovered by 6.25% MoM while witnessing 52.63% decline YoY.

Classic Legends sales of Jawa/Yezdi stood at 2,813 units with 10.95% decline MoM over 3,159 units sold in September 2022. In total, 200-500cc motorcycle sales stood at 89,822 units in September 2022. Sales grew 126.83% YoY and 18.80% MoM. While volume gain stood at 50,223 units YoY and 18.80% MoM.

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