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Sales satisfaction in luxury car segment declines

2015 JD Power SSI study for luxury car buying experience in India has been spanned over 244 new vehicle owners, purchasing their vehicles during the period September 2014 to April 2015. The study was based on 7 factors that new luxury vehicle buyers take into account when purchasing a vehicle.

Listed in order of priority, the satisfaction index includes delivery process and timing, sales person, sales initiation, dealer facilities, paperwork involved and the entire deal. Satisfaction is assessed on a 1,000 point scale.

For 2015, overall sales satisfaction in the luxury segment declined by 7 points as compared to 2014, to stand at 883 points.

Audi ranks highest in luxury vehicle sales satisfaction with a score of 888. Audi performs particularly well in the salesperson factor. BMW ranks second at 885.

While most would think that luxury car buyers do not take much time before finalizing a buy, the study proves otherwise. The study reveals that car buyers in this segment are the most involved when it comes to car buying, looking into minute details of purchase.

The study details that 35% of buyers are also looking at other options, 45% buyers search for their preferences on the internet, 80% buyers undertake test drives prior to purchase.

The JD Power SSI study also found that as compared to 2014, in 2015 buyers of luxury vehicles also take more time in finalizing the deal up from 9 days in 2014 to 10 days in 2015. Delivery period was also increased from 10 days in 2014 to 12 days in 2015. Apart from this, various other emphasis like better customer-dealer relationship, after sales service, etc saw an improvement on the SSI .

The study concluded that Audi ranked the highest in luxury vehicle sales satisfaction with 888 points, BMW came in second at 885 points while Mercedes Benz was in third position at 875.

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