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Saleswoman of the year: Anita Krizsan sells 11 Bugatti Veyrons

Bugatti Veyron is amongst the most costliest production cars in the world today. These high priced sportscars, which can touch a top speed of 267 mph are obviously tough sellers, thanks to its price tag of over £1 million. If a sales person manages to sell 3 Veyron’s in a year, its a big achievement. So for a single sales person to sell 11 in a year, is simply outstanding, reports DailyMail.

Anita says, there are only two types of cars in the world, Bugatti and others. Selling 10 units from the Jack Barclay dealership, Anita has tied up with a European firm to deliver the 11th Veyron. She seems to be a pro at convincing buyers to opt for this superfast and high priced luxury vehicle and competing in a male dominated profession is an added advantage. Anita has no restrictions to work, time and place. She is comfortable working round the clock and contacts VIP customers from across the globe. She, in fact even visits these home countries to personally hand over the keys to the buyers.

Her knowledge of languages and fluency in both French and Russian has stood her in good stead when dealing with overseas customers. It is in the Middle East where she faces language and communication problems. Anita is an instant hit with customers as she immediately understands them and their needs and is able to relate to them easily which makes her job of selling these high priced vehicles easier.

Her resume for the past year reads, 4 Veyron Grand Sport worth £1.25m, 3 Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse worth £1.5m, 1 Veyron L’Or Blanc worth £1.5m, 1 Veyron Super Sport worth £1.4m, 1 Veyron Centenaire worth £1.1m, and 1 Veyron SuperSport (1200hp) worth £1.7m.

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