High Court suspends Salman Khan’s jail sentence, grants bail

Mumbai High Court has suspended the sentence dished out to Bollywood actor Salman Khan. Judge D W Deshpande of the Trial Court had found Salman Khan guilty of 2002 drunk driving hit and run case, which killed 38 year old Noor Ullah Khan and injured 4 others. He was charged with culpable homicide (not amounting to murder). Judge Deshpande awarded him a sentence of 5 years rigorous imprisonment.

the crashed car of Salman khan
The Toyota Land Cruiser which Salman Khan was in on the night of the accident.

This sentence was delivered at 1:15 PM on 6th May 2015. By 4 PM same day, proceedings had begun for granting Salman Khan bail. Before 5 PM, Salman Khan was once again granted bail. (This sets an example for those who think our judicial system works slower than the pace of tortoise)

In his 240 page ruling, Judege Deshpande of the Trial Court, said that he did not believe Salman Khan who claimed that he was not at the wheel, nor his driver, who claimed that he was at the wheel. The Judge further adds in the report, that the actor not even once went to meet the injured in the hospital.

With all the evidence at hand, the Judge said he is convinced that Salman Khan was at the wheel of his Toyota Land Cruiser in the early hours of 28th September 2002 when he crashed into a bakery near his house in Bandra. He was also under the influence of alcohol.

What happens now to Salman Khan? Well, he will be out on bail till July 2015, which is when the final appeal hearing is (in the Mumbai High Court). If High Court uphelds the sentence of Trial Court, he can appeal to Supreme Court on the same day, and be granted a bail, once again.

Below are some of the reactions on social media post Salman Khan was granted bail.

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