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Salman Khan rides in on a Suzuki for clean India campaign

Something is waiting to happen when you see Salman Khan casually ride into a village astride a Suzuki Access 125 scooter. The actor is working on cleanliness through large scale manoeuvres rather than a single point approach. He chooses a village at a time to advance his contribution while turning to his Being Human non-profit charitable organization.

Salman khan works towards a sustainable Clean India initiative

His Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan efforts have been recognised by the Prime Minister on Twitter. His work in 2015 began with cleaning a Karjat village, and painting one with Kareena Kapoor and the Bajrangi Bhaijaan crew in Hatluni. Salman Khan is involved in cleaning and painting three villages in Maharashtra thus far.

With intentions to continue the initiative, Salman Khan stresses the development isn’t about what one person can do but the culmination of what each person can do. This Republic Day, he took the campaign to social media, to nominate 100 followers each month for the cleanliness drive. Nominees can choose to work in and around their area of work, or residence, or both. Before and after pictures or videos are to be uploaded, and the five best initiatives get a special mention on the actor’s Facebook page, alongwith winning a prize each. Just how much of India will benefit from the drive is difficult to determine at this stage, but if participants don’t lose their initial enthusiasm, India may just be a wee bit cleaner at some point.

It’s no surprise that Salman Khan chooses a Suzuki to get by on short commutes. Not only does it let the actor hide in plain sight, but it does highlight the actor’s Suzuki endorsement. His association with Suzuki not only makes him the chosen face for TVC’s, but he also lends his name to new launches, doing so with Gixxer in 2014. He’s also a customer, apart from featuring Suzuki bikes in his films. A year earlier, a special edition Suzuki Access 125 was introduced wearing the actor’s Being Human NGO badging.

Watch the video below

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