YouTube user reveals that his Salman style train stunt is fake

Salman style train stunt in KickA student of animation, 20 year old Ajay (name changed to protect identity- YouTube username MandarImagination) uploaded a video of him walking in front of a speeding train, just like how Bollywood star Salman Khan does in the movie Kick. The first video was uploaded on 15th August and it went viral immediately. Below is the video

After this, he uploads a second video.

With both videos going viral, amassing over 2.8 lakh views on YouTube, and many more via other channels like WhatsApp, TV news programs, etc, the word soon spread and brought the attention of officials. One such TV program airing interview with official is below-

This all got the 20 year old attention of Senior Railway Protection Officers from Central and Western Railway. They were now on the looking for the person in the video, in order to prosecute him. This is when the uploader revealed that both the videos were fake, and it was nothing but some clever editing of videos. Below is the third video which he uploaded in order to calm the situation.

Ajay has asked for appreciation of his work of art and not to imitate the stunt in real life. Salman Khan too has requested the same.

But even then, there are some street smart idiots who will not listen and continue to put their’s and others life in danger. Like one in the video below.