Samsung Safety Truck prototype is a boon for car drivers on single lane roads – Video

In a bid to decrease head on collisions while overtaking and to reduce risks people undertake when trying to get ahead of a truck in its path, meet Samsung Safety Truck.

The prototype above is a Volvo truck, which features this technology from Samsung.

This prototype consists of four large screens at the rear of a semi truck. In the front there is a wireless camera, which feeds the rear screens. Thus giving a clear view of the road ahead to the car drivers behind the truck. The screen displays the conditions of the road up ahead and oncoming traffic, which come into use especially on single lane highways thus reducing head on collisions.

Live view wireless cameras broadcast its signals to four monitors at the rear of the truck. The cameras also have night vision capabilities allowing them to be fully functional at night, when accidents are more likely to occur.

Samsung Safety Truck was tested in Argentina where accidents are reported at 1 each hour due to overtaking. While tests have been conducted, the trucks are not in operation though Samsung is currently in talks with governments and NGOs to introduce this technology on a global basis. The tests proved successful on two lane roads while its use along multi lane highways is yet to be proved while on the downside, a large display screen could prove to be a major distraction while image quality issues could also prove to be questionable.

Samsung Safety Truck – Video