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Satellite Navigation systems for Indian roads


Satellite Navigation systems for Indian roads are now a necessity with passenger vehicle numbers on the increase that has resulted in rapid urbanization, and increase in routes and roads.

Effective Satellite Navigation systems for Indian roadsSatellite navigation systems are a boon for many drivers as they help one traverse from one location to another without getting lost or disoriented. However, in the case of India this can’t be said as even with these systems one does get lost due to improper road infrastructure. On the other hand, vehicles in countries like USA, Britain and European countries are affixed with these sat-nav devices whereas in India it’s not the same.

To ensure that such systems are appreciated by people all over India it should be noted that road infrastructure needs to be well maintained. Many roads are in a bad state and are blocked by trees, light poles or have been dug up to conduct repairs. Due to these factors it becomes difficult for navigation providers to provide services pertaining to the Indian road network.

However, companies like Garmin have made their presence felt in India with devices like Nuvi 215, Nuvi 40LM and Nuvi 50LM respectively. Garmin has also been able to reach out to Indian masses as it has provided Hindi as an option for its navigation system. These features help to get individuals accustomed to using such devices and it can be said that with comprehensive mapping of Indian roads, satellite navigation systems will be used on a widespread basis by India drivers.



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