Saudi prince buys plane tickets for his 80 birds so they don’t have to travel by road

A Saudi Prince has reportedly purchased a plane ticket for each of his 80 falcons. All these traveled like normal passengers on the aircraft.

With falconry being such a popular sport in the United Arab Emirates, airlines such as the Emirates, Qatar and Eithad have allowed pet falcons in the cabin or as checked luggage. So many birds fly in these airplanes that the UAE government has reportedly issued around 28,000 falcon passports between 2002 and 2013. Lufthansa has even created a special patented bird stand that allows travelers to keep their prized birds nearby during the flight.

One such person has ensured that each of his 80 falcons fly in comfort. The accompanying photograph shows each of these birds in their individual seats while they are surrounded by other passengers. While the policy states that one is allowed to carry one falcon on board the economy class passenger cabin of an aircraft and a total of six falcons are permitted within the economy class cabin of any aircraft, it is wondered how this particular Saudi prince managed to carry 80 falcons on the flight.

A Reddit user has shared a photo of passengers aboard a plane being surrounded by a host of falcons, each with their own individual seats. The owner of the birds however, has to make sure that he has all necessary documentation that includes health certificate, identification and pet passport.

Social media has gone nuts after seeing this photo. Below are some of the interesting comments from social media

Kevin Jinho – how the Falcons decide to get to the Super Bowl is their own business

Melisa Aquino Gardiola – One Falcon to another, “I tell you, this is by far the most embarrassing moment of my life. Wtf are these wings for if I can’t even use them to fly anymore?! What is the world coming to?”

Justin Schillo – Sorry, but that’s awesome as hell. Yes, it speaks to the inequality of humanity in general, but…. That’s AWESOME.

Alexandra Gough Laura Davey – but do they make them wear a seatbelt? And if the whole plane is Falcons would they do the inflight safety demonstration… Especially as they can’t see as their hats cover their eyes