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Schaeffler LUK’s Electronic clutch management for India concept vehicle

Increasing prices of petrol and diesel have forced many individuals to opt for fuel efficient vehicles in order to save money. Keeping this is mind Schaeffler’s LUK brand has designed an innovative electronic clutch management system (ECM) which not only helps to curb fuel used but also provides a robust and comfortable mechanism. Automotive industry in India is constantly developing and designing future mobility options that will prove to be a boon in the long run.

ECM features have been designed for these future concept vehicles. The ECM system is similar to the double clutch feature that European drivers make use of in their cars. A hydrostatic clutch actuator (HCA), used in these vehicles can be affixed to the transmission or the chassis due to its small design and flexible options for fitting. Schaeffler has designed the ECM with integrated sensors, actuator and intelligent software solutions. Using an ECM module will enable one to not only benefit from a comfortable and optimized gearshift system but also effect cost saving which will be more as compared to a completely automated manual transmission.

Uwe Wagner, President of the Transmission Technologies business unit at Schaeffler had this to say, “We developed an electronic clutch management system at LuK specifically for the traffic conditions typical for India for the Efficient Future Mobility India concept car.” He added, “The idea behind the Efficient Future Mobility India concept car was to simply eliminate this negative effect from unexpected interruption in tractive force by reducing the degree of automation. With the ECM, the driver still carries out the gearshift operation in the same way as with a manual transmission, but the actuator system activates the clutch instead and considerably more comfortably than the driver would. The costs are of course considerably lower than those of an ASG due to the elimination of the automated gearshift system.”

Norbert Indlekofer, Member of the Executive Board for Automotive at Schaeffler says, “The demand for automation on the market in India has increased rapidly during the last few years. The reasons for this are certainly the major optimizations in terms of comfort and fuel consumption as well as reductions in cost. The comprehensive optional features available for the HCA means it can be customized for a very wide range of applications – perfect for use in various Indian automobiles!”

Highlight of the ECM system is that during driving one simply needs to carry out the gearshift operation and the actuator will depress the clutch making is more comfortable and thereby eliminating costs of a conventional gearshift system. Keeping up the trend for fuel efficient systems Mahindra’s e2o has been designed with a CVT automatic gearbox which enables the driver to seamlessly cruise through traffic without having to gearshift.

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