Scoop: DSK Benelli TNT 300 fully faired version underway

Just as Benelli was starting its operations in India, it seems the company sniffed some of the product tactics going on around here and conceived an idea to help play the game in the same fashion.

Benelli TNT 300 fully faired version underway based on this naked model
Development of DSK Benelli TNT 300 fully faired version is similar to the story of Yamaha FZ becoming Fazer and Suzuki Gixxer becoming Gixxer SF.

At the inauguration of DSK Benelli dealership in Pune, just a few hours ago, Shirish Kulkarni, Managing Director of DSK MotoWheels, divulged to RushLane in a personal interaction, that a fully faired version of DSK Benelli TNT 300 is being developed.

This is the latest tactic motorcycle makers have adopted, to churn more volumes of the same base product while offering variety to customers. This is an exercise to make more out of working hard for years to create a motorcycle that is admirable and critically well acclaimed. Buyers are also welcoming this sort of approach as they are diversified into lovers of respective categories of styling.

What’s a bummer here is that, there are usually no changes in the way fully faired variants handle, compared to the original naked versions. The handlebar configuration usually remains the same, which means there would be no difference in experiencing the machine, except for better aerodynamics in the faired model.

Let’s wait and see what fully faired version of Benelli TNT 300 offers in that front. Expect India launch of the same by end of this year or early next year.