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Honda Activa leads revival of scooter sales in India

Honda Activa leads revival of scooter sales in India

Two wheeler industry in India is one of the largest in the world. Though most sales are thanks to the huge motorcycle sales, there was a time when it was only the scooters which were part of the industry. Motorcycles were not considered for everyday use as there was no place for luggage.

That was in the 80s and early 90s. Preference changed towards motorcycles after that to such an extent that India’s leading scooter maker of that period, Bajaj decided to stop producing scooters as they only wanted to concentrate on scooters. Fast forward to 2014 and it seems like Bajaj might just regret that decision. (dealers have already started to voice their opinion, where is Hamara Bajaj?)

Today, scooter sales are on the rise. Compared to motorcycle sales, it is scooter sales which are growing at a faster rate. Growing gradually, for the first time in years, scooter sales now account to 25% of the total two wheeler sales (1.5 crore or 15 million sold last fiscal). This means that every 4th two wheeler sold in the country, is a scooter.

Honda Activa leads revival of scooter sales in IndiaThis change is led by none other than India’s best selling scooter, Honda Activa. For the first time last fiscal, not once but twice, Honda Activa managed to beat Hero Splendor motorcycle in monthly sales. (Splendor has been the best sellig two wheeler in India for years now)

The reason buyers are choosing scooters over efficient motorcycles is that they have better seats and are much easier to ride in traffic. With traffic situation in the country only going bad to worse, scooters are becoming the choice of more and more buyers in India.


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  • Rakesh Malhotra

    I love
    the scooter.. It looks very chic and stylish.. I have read some really good
    reviews of this scooter. It

    apparently has seat adjusters and good storage space as well..will take it
    for a test ride this weekend